Healthcare Is No Laughing Matter

On Sunday night the Democrats were able to ram their health care bill into law. It’s a good thing Obamacare allows for preexisting conditions because every American woke up yesterday with a knife in their back.

I’m not even sure what the final narrative for selling the legislation was, it kept changing. First it was to provide insurance for more people, then it was to lower costs, now they’re claiming that pulling the plug on grandma reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

The Democrats keep making references to Cadillac insurance plans. I think they’re called Cadillac because, like the car company, soon they too will be bankrupt and owned by the government.

I don’t know why they keep talking about sending the bill back to the Senate for a “fix.” It seems to me the fix was in from the beginning.

It was a very emotional night for the leftists, in fact, Patrick Kennedy was seen crying.  Yeah, apparently they ran out of beer at the after party.

Well, at least the plan will be good for the economy—if paving the road to serfdom is a “shovel ready job.”

There’s good news and bad news in the government take-over of the healthcare system. The bad news is now the government will own an additional 17% of the American economy. The good news? With Obama’s economic policies, that economy is much, much smaller.

People are already getting together to form a political action committee to take back the government from the leftists. I think they should call it STU-PAC.

Thanks to Stupak and the Democrat Party, the only pre-condition that won’t be protected is being “In Utero.”

The President said that he understands the sacrifice and the burden the new laws put on the middle class and to show solidarity he’s going to make some compromises too. For example, every third cigarette? A Kool light.

Newt Gingrich declared, “This will not stand.” Unfortunately, he was pointing to Robert Byrd at the time.

38 states are banding together to sue the federal government. When Obama heard about this he reportedly said “38 out of 57, that’s not so bad.”

California announced they would join the suit just as soon as they raise the 39 cents to mail in the paperwork.