UPDATE: Members Told Stupak Flips Vote, Stupak Denies Deal

UPDATE: Stupak announced at a press conference late Sunday afternoon that the White House is issuing an executive order to prevent federal funding of abortion.

UPDATE: Stupak told Washington Examiner reporter Susan Ferrechio that he has not yet reached a deal.

Human Events was informed Sunday afternoon by a member on the floor of the House of Representatives that Rep. Bart Stupak has flipped his vote from no to yes on health care, pending a non-binding executive order from the president that reaffirms public funding will not be used for abortion. Members are trying to confirm this with Stupak, whose office has not yet confirmed this.

If true, Stupak’s decision comes as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops sent information to congressional staffs affirming that an executive order will not be sufficient to prevent federal funding of abortion should the health care bill pass.

Stupak is the pro-life Democrat who organized a coalition threatening to vote against the health care legislation because it fails to protect against federally funded abortions.