Bachmann, Akin Set to Rally Districts of Undecided Congressmen

Representatives Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and Todd Akin (R-Mo.) are set to hold two live teleconference townhalls in the districts of representatives still undecided on health care. One will take place Friday at 7 pm. in Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire’s district, and the second will be tomorrow in California Rep. Jim Costa’s district.

Akin held a townhall with a similar format earlier this month when President Obama visited Missouri to promote his health care plan.  Though the public had only 48 hours notice of Akin’s townhall, over 2200 people showed up.  

Bachmann said the purpose of these teleconference townhalls is to inform the voters of these districts of what’s really in the health care bill.

As of Friday afternoon, Bachmann still sounded upbeat about the battle she and several of her colleagues have been waging against passage of the president and the Democrats’ health care legislation.  And she cautioned anyone who is feeling discouraged as they monitor whether the Democrats have enough votes to pass the legislation.

“They want us to be discouraged,” she said of her opponents.

Bachmann points out that this isn’t the first time the president and the Democrats have tried to get their health care legislation through – she recalled last August, when Americans rose up against Washington over the changes the Democrats were suggesting to the health care system.  

A vote on the health care legislation passed in the Senate is expected in the House this weekend.  The Democrats are also working on a procedural measure which would allow the House to pass the Senate version of health care without an up or down vote.