Undercover Study Shows Students Prone to Socialism

I hate to say it, but my generation is completely clueless. Coddled from the cradle through college, many of my peers seem to sincerely believe the world revolves around their needs.

Most public schools no longer reward success and achievement, but are more concerned with undeserved praise in the name of boosting self esteem.  They are creating a generation of “Obama Zombies” — as my friend and author Jason Mattera calls them — looking to the government to solve their own and the rest of the world’s problems.

We have been raised with subtle socialism. Our brains have been programmed with buzz words like “tolerance” and “diversity” and it has gotten to point that even when the glaring inequities of wealth redistribution are right in front of our faces many still fail to see them.

I saw this first hand when I went undercover at my school asking my classmates at George Mason University to sign a phony petition authorizing the school’s administration to redistribute grade point averages (GPA). Using arguments similar to those liberals use to justify socialist entitlement programs, I explained to them that “there are students at this school who are in danger of not graduating due to low grades, and it’s not necessarily their fault.  Many of them come from low income families and have to work their way through school and don’t have time to study because of their jobs.” 

Ninety percent of the students I spoke with thought this was the most ridiculous thing they had ever heard. They refused to sign the petition because they believed it to be completely unfair. But when I turned the topic over to income redistribution their attitudes completely changed.

“That’s totally different,” they argued. “Those millionaires don’t need that money; they won’t miss it.”

The “me, me, me” generation only cares about unfairness when it directly effects them, as it would with GPA redistribution. They are easily persuaded by the Left with gooey words like “hope” and “change” because they aren’t directly affected by these tax-raising policies—yet.

But all hope is not lost.  According to a Pew study, in the 2008 election liberals held a 32 point lead over conservatives among the millennial (ages 18-29) demographic.  Today that gap is less than half that at 14 points.  Young people in America are starting to wake up to the socialist realities of Obama and the Left.  But college campuses — where a large chunk of this demographic spends most of its time — are home to some of the most left-wing radicals in the country: college professors. 

This is why it is crucial for conservative students to become campus activists. With only a few exceptions, the Left has a death grip on academia, encouraging and indoctrinating America’s youth into this short-sighted and self-centered way of thinking.  Professors and administrators aren’t teaching about free enterprise, American exceptionalism, personal responsibility, or traditional values, so it is now almost solely up to conservative students to take charge of educating their peers on these principles.

One of the best ways to reach the maximum number of students with conservative ideas is to host a conservative speaker on campus.  Organizations like the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute can help students bring some of the country’s leading conservative women to speak on college campuses.  Students will come out in droves to hear from someone like Ann Coulter because it’s a refreshing break from the socialist diatribe they normally hear from their professors. 

But even if students can’t bring a big name conservative to campus, there is still a lot they can do on their own or with a couple of friends.  For example, my GPA petition video only took me 30 minutes to film and reached thousands YouTube, received coverage in a Townhall column, was shown at Young America’s Foundation’s West Coast Leadership Conference, and is used as an activism example in Jason Mattera’s upcoming book “Obama Zombies: How the Obama Machine Brainwashed My Generation.”

All it takes is a good idea and dedication to conservative principles to reach thousands with conservative ideas.  We can no longer allow the Left to dominate what is supposed to be the marketplace of ideas.  It’s time for conservative students to take charge on campus.