Healthcare Drags, Obama Reloads for Immigration Reform

“Show us your papers, old man.”

This could become the new “good morning” if the comprehensive immigration reform sought by Senators Graham and Schumer becomes law. Only an avowed left-wing zealot like Schumer and an unprincipled, wishy-washy, go with the flow progressive like Graham (or his guru, John McCain) would support this attack on our freedom. Of course, ever the politician, McCain is noticeably absent on this proposal. Perhaps his reelection campaign is forcing him to remain silent on the subject? That couldn’t possibly be it, could it? I wonder.

Memo to J.D. Hayworth; ask the question.

Let’s be clear: this was one of the president’s signature legislative promises during his seemingly endless campaign for the White House. In fact, if memory serves, he was going to get comprehensive immigration reform done in his first year or so. Of course, the ramming of healthcare reform down the collective throat of the American public seems to have pushed that to the back burner – temporarily.

In what can only be described as a blatant affront to liberty and freedom, Graham, (RINO, SC) and Schumer, (Senior Elitist, NY), are talking up the “pros” of forcing Americans to carry a biometric identification card. Apparently, the legislation would include a provision for this card, and the Obama administration – salivating over yet another opportunity to expand the federal government at the expense of individual liberty – is reportedly ecstatic with the idea.

Ostensibly, the card would contain personal information such as fingerprint and other biometric data that would identify the holder as an American citizen eligible to work in the United States. It would also give some “Big Brother” agency in Washington, personal details about American citizens. Patrick Henry must be rolling over in his grave. Under the fourth amendment, the founders recognized the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, and clearly stated the government has no authority to conduct unreasonable searches or seizure. This legislation clearly violates that amendment. If this wasn’t so serious, one might think it quite humorous. Instead of putting the focus on the estimated 15-20 million who don’t belong in the Country, these fine senators want to focus on the other 300 million who do. Is it any wonder the American public is fed up with these people?

Gentlemen, this is an American issue, not a Mexican one. It is about freedom and liberty, not tyranny and governmental oversight of the citizenry. In case either of you have forgotten, the Bill of Rights is in our constitution for this very reason. I suggest you refer to your sworn oath of office to refresh your memory. Pay particular attention to the part about “supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States….”
Now for a few questions;

Where’s the fence we were promised the last time this topic came up Senator Graham? What have you actually accomplished with regard to immigration since the people of this country rejected McCain-Kennedy a mere 18 months ago? Oh, and Senator Schumer, have you learned nothing from your own ancestors struggle with Nazis? Why in Heaven’s Name would you insist on “papers” for citizens of this Country? Please answer these questions. ‘We the People’ want to know.

Further, this “new” legislation includes that pesky “path to citizenship” thing for the very people who’ve already broken our immigration laws. In fact, amnesty was the primary reason ‘We the People’ rejected this insanity the last time you tried to force it upon us. What, exactly, don’t you understand about that little tidbit? One gets the impression the two of you, and others who support you, think you’re smarter than ‘We the People.’ Here’s a newsflash for you; you’re not.

We don’t need immigration reform. We need principled leaders with the courage to stand up and enforce existing laws. We don’t need elitists either. We need people who represent us and are ready, willing and able to do our bidding when we honor them by sending them to Washington. Is that so difficult to understand?

If you think the Tea Parties were tough, just wait and see how, to quote Senator Schumer, the “chattering classes” react to this latest monstrosity.