RedState Morning Briefing

RedState Morning Briefing
For March 16, 2010

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1. RedState’s Action Center

If you go to, you’ll encounter our Action Center. From there, a link will be provided to get the direct phone number of your member of Congress. You’ll be able to bypass the often times busy Congressional switchboard. The link is always there. Right now the action center is dedicated to stopping Obamacare. Go there now and shut down the Congressional phone lines making sure your congressman knows just how much you oppose Obamacare. I know some of you think it is a waste of time. It never is. Even when your congressman is already in favor of it, make sure he knows you are opposed. Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Jim Inhofe’s Fiscal Folly

Mere days after House Republicans finally put their fiscal house in order and enacted a year-long moratorium on earmarks, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) took to the airwaves to decry the irresponsible actions of…House Republicans. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in Sen. Inhofe’s world, one taxpayer’s dollar is another lawmaker’s party favor. “The inconvenient truth is that we do have a problem with earmarks in America,” he warned Monday from the Senate floor. “But it’s not congressional earmarks.” Sen. Inhofe believes the real crime is so-called presidential earmarking, perpetrated by “unelected bureaucrats” throughout the federal government who recklessly throw money away with no supervision or accountability. He may well be right. But where do those bureaucrats get the authority to spend the money in the first place? According to Sen. Inhofe, the authority for unelected bureaucrats to waste money on “presidential earmarks” comes directly from – you guessed it – Congress. Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Have the Democrats got the votes?

Friday, we reported that the Democrats were within four votes of passing Obamacare. Today, we are told that four Democrats are changing their votes from “NO” to “YES” on Obamacare:

  • Boccieri, OH – (202) 225-3876
  • Altmire, PA – (202) 225-2565
  • Gordon, TN – (202) 225-4231
  • Baird, WA- (202) 225-3536

On the other hand, the corner reports the Democrats are still about 10 votes of the 216 required to pass Obamacare, or execute the unconstitutional Slaughter gambit. It is also possible the Democrats could be losing votes. Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Et tu, Mitt?

Bob Bennett, as you know, is the TARP-backing, Bridge-to-Nowhere-supporting, health-care-takeover-proposing RINO running for his life to win re-nomination in Utah for a fourth term. Bob Bennett’s health care proposal – it’s called the Wyden-Bennett bill, remember – includes an individual mandate, forces taxpayers to subsidize abortions, supports “domestic partner” benefits, and would cost more than $1 trillion. He is an unrepentant earmarker, whom Senator Jim DeMint has conspicuously declined to endorse for re-election. Conservatives in Utah are rallying around Bennett’s challengers, and the Club for Growth is actively working to defeat him at the May nominating convention. So who does Bennett call on to save his career? Mitt Romney, of course. Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Where Like-Minded People Gather To Preserve Freedom In America

So says the banner image at a new website called Liberty Central, at least. This new site is newsworthy, in part because of who its founder is…and because (though officially non-partisan in nature) it intends to support and encourage citizen activism. Founder Virginia Thomas (yes…Mrs. Clarence Thomas technically), is quoted in the LA Times thusly: "I am an ordinary citizen from Omaha, Neb., who just may have the chance to preserve liberty along with you and other people like you,” she said at a recent panel discussion with tea party leaders in Washington. Thomas went on to count herself among those energized into action by President Obama’s “hard-left agenda.”" What I like about her emergence onto the scene with the launch of this new venture is the level of enthusiasm and energy she brings to the “citizen activism” movement along with the depth of experience she has in this game. Her bio on the “About” page says she has “30 years of experience within the Washington beltway working alongside esteemed politicians like Dick Armey and for institutions like Hillsdale College, the Heritage Foundation and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,” and adds that “Ginni is committed to serving as a clearinghouse for new and more effective online activism.” The detractors will come…they always do when the opposition feels threatened… but this is a fresh new face that further legitimizes citizen activism and the efforts being put forth to stand up against the kinds of things our Government seems hell bent on doing regardless our protestations to the contrary. Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. Antarctic Shrimp, Global Warming and the Laffer Curve

A borehole through 600 feet of Antarctic sea ice discovers two new critters: a sort of shrimp, and a jellyfish, living in a region that no scientist predicted. Until they’re proven tasty in a remoulade, I really couldn’t care less, but here’s the money quote from the lead researcher: “It’s pretty amazing when you find a huge puzzle like that on a planet where we thought we know everything…”. On a planet where we thought we know everything?! That comment is appalling coming from a scientist. One thing a scientist must know is how ignorant we are about a lot of things; otherwise, we don’t need scientists to discover new stuff. But the remark points to a naive hubris that is pretty pervasive among a “consensus” in the scientific world. Please click here for the rest of the post.