Obama Helps Witless Fools Choose Light (Bulb)

Just ponder this a moment.  It is 1789, the first year of the American Presidency.  George Washington is embarking on his second start-up, as it were, the first having been the Revolutionary War, something that worked out quite well for him.  The rules guiding this were, of course, from a collective effort, (known as the Constitution), and he certainly adhered to them in creating the first central government of the United States of America.

The years before this time, since 1775, were both intimidating and wonderful at the same time for Americans.  This period had been cataclysmic for the fledgling nation; from uprising to revolution, to war, to occupation, and all its accompanying misery, to the inexpressible joy of having achieved freedom from tyranny, something not only that the Americans had never experienced, but also that the world had never seen before.  The seemingly impossible had been achieved by the colonials, against all odds.

In initial diplomatic efforts, for example, no one, not one European nation, would recognize the United States as an actual nation, with the exception of France who in large part came to our aid and eventually recognized us as a country because we were fighting against their longest and most bitter enemy.  Spain played us along for a while, and eventually Holland came up with a few guilders to send our way, but we were pretty much on our own until quite late in the game.

We were also on our own in creating the initial infrastructure of the American government. 

The rules said that offices in the new federal government, called Cabinets in the Constitution, were to be created to deal with the primary functions of the young nation, and George Washington appointed four people to head the first four cabinet offices to be formed.  These appointees could run these cabinets fairly autonomously in the beginning, but when things became so fractious because the initial individual heads of the cabinets, (called Secretaries), disagreed so violently and could not get along, that things became dysfunctional.  Then our extraordinary first President, as always the ultimate problem solver, stepped in to temper that autonomy, and informed them that they should report their findings to him, and any major cabinet decision from then on would be through the President to the nation.  Clearly, many more cabinet and cabinet level offices have been added to our government since that time, and most have adhered to the practice that was decided by George Washington in the first Presidency.

That is, until hope and change came to America.

How do you think George Washington would react to the 21st Century Environmental Protection Agency announcement of ‘its’ decision to force the American people to, basically, stop breathing or pay the price?

With this new edict, the hundreds of employees of the EPA have thus been empowered as no other federal employees have been, not through the rules created by our founders and adhered to by George Washington, but through the self-determined power by the executive, aided by an obtuse Supreme Court decision.  These governmental officials are now able to tell every American citizen what he or she can or cannot do in just about every aspect of his or her lives: not just the significant decisions you used to make about your lives are taken out of your hands, but the most miniscule, as well.  From where you can live, which will no longer be your decision, to how many children you can have, which will soon be up to the state, to any medical procedure you may need, which will soon be decided by bureaucrats, to what kind of car you will be allowed to drive, to what you will allowed to eat and to what kind of light bulb you will be allowed to install, all will be determined for you by the no doubt brilliant non-elected authorities of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Cui bono, you may ask.  Well, certainly not the likes of us, that’s for sure, as at the same time you are being forced to drastically change your life, for the much, much, worse, (for the sake of a discredited scientific theory on global warming which is, in fact, a radical political agenda), everything in your life will cost you much, much, more.  Then who would possibly benefit?  Well, let’s see, the rest of the world, perhaps, as America bankrupts itself and its people to comply with these new rules; also, possibly, the new rulers of this transformed United States of America, in whose hands will have been placed all the power to rule our lives?  Also, maybe, terrorists, as we can no longer protect ourselves, much less the rest of the world, and oh, those who advocate a one-world governing body, as the former sole super power and former greatest nation in history, voluntarily becomes powerless?

Do you think this is the sort of thing that George Washington intended for his government offices to do?

Just think of the joy of it – we will basically never have to make another decision for the rest of our lives!  Nor will our no doubt indoctrinated, witless children, and even more indoctrinated and witless grandchildren!  The government that is the opposite of what George Washington and the others created will even tell you when it is time for you to die!  For joy, to not have to deal with deciding pretty much anything ever again in life!  Why, our child-men can even throw away their clickers, because we will be told what we can watch on television or even if we are allowed to have televisions at all, and if so, what size they can be. Which I might add is already happening in California.

Good thing our forbearers fought a war to achieve these lovely freedoms, isn’t it?  Good thing our incredibly gifted founders put together the documents creating the most magnificent system of governance in the history of the world, wouldn’t you say?  Good thing for over 220 years we fought for and were victorious in achieving freedom, not only for ourselves but also for many, many other nations around the world, don’t you think?  Only to reach this point, no doubt envisioned by George Washington, where we are truly free, free to never again have to determine anything for ourselves, because our wonderful government and its wise leaders (so much wiser than we are) will see to all our needs and wants. 


This tyranny, that was just announced and is going to happen unless we, the people so revered by George Washington and so held in contempt by Barack Hussein Obama, stop it, is real and it is happening.  It is no longer something that we fear may happen in an unimaginable future under a radical totalitarian rule – what has just been described is the here and the now.  Our lives are now under the near total control of the radical left, part of the international elite working toward, at warp speed, a world order which the emasculated United States of America will pay for.  That means us.  That means jail, fines or some other government-imposed penalty or punishment if we do not do what we are told.

Did you ever think that an American would be saying that?  We, the ultimate self determiners in history, thanks to our founders, have put ourselves in the position of being told what to do about almost everything in our lives by non-elected bureaucrats.  How and when did we become the European Union?  Didn’t our founders put methods in place whereby we can rid ourselves of this tyrannical rule?  Is what we are about to undergo under this executive action any worse than the taxation and general tyranny of George III against the colonials?  Yes, it is worse – at least the majority of the American colonials at one point loved their king, and could attempt to reason with his government.  Does any one of us love our bureaucrats, or the rulers who command us in Orwell-speak from on high in Washington, D.C.? The mainstream media will help these tyrants apply lovely and democratic words to their totalitarian actions, and if we are the sheep they hope we will be, we will do nothing and the America of George Washington and the founders will be destroyed, and lost forever.  It is beyond the time for us to emulate our founders and recapture the spirit that made our forbearers free just over 220 years ago.  The greatest man in our nation’s history would demand nothing less from us — he would not have allowed our strongly fought for freedoms to be taken from us.