Avatars and the Online Tax Revolt

“Unfortunately we’ve got to get past Congress’s love of the corruption of the tax code to get the FairTax enacted.”  — Ken Hoagland, Spokesman for the FairTax Nation and Leader in The

Over the last year we’ve seen marches on county court houses, state capitols and then on Washington on September 12.  The next big gathering will be on Tax Day, April 15, but launching today, using the perfect mix of technology and activism, The FairTax Nation is kicking off an online tax revolt.

“You go to the website (, you pick an avatar and whether you are a Fair Taxer, flat taxer or a Tea Party member or you just know in the bottom of your heart that the income tax system is corrupt and bad for the country, you can come to Washington, with your avatar,” Ken Hoagland, National Communications Director for said.  

One of the strengths of the Tea Party movement is average folks have spent their own money, taken time off from work and retirement to participate.  The online tax revolt takes this activism to the next level.  If you are working or can’t afford a trip to Washington, here’s how you can march on Washington.

Tens of Thousands have already signed up.  The beauty of the march is you can “see” everyone else as they march towards Washington.  You also can choose a group to join or make your own group. Talk master, Neal Boortz will be leading a virtual group and I will be, too.  You can be a part of the Boortz Brigade or Zoller Zealots or find another person to follow among the leaders of this movement.  Over the next days and weeks, you will be seeing your friends and neighbors join the march as well as some politicians and other names you know picking an avatar and joining the march.

Other teams online will be led by President Ronald Reagan’s eldest son Michael Reagan, Joe the Plumber, Ken Hoagland the National Chairman of the FairTax Victory Campaign.  There are Tea Party Teams, Flat Tax Teams, and more being added daily.

There are many solutions to the problem of runaway fiscal irresponsibility.  However, at the core of it are people who understand the income tax system fuels the unchecked growth of this government. In the same spirit of the Boston Tea Party, the online tax revolt is how we wake up Washington; this is how we save the nation.

We can debate the merits of the FairTax, flat tax or progressive taxation, but one thing we do know is the taxpayer in America today is the “Rodney Dangerfield” of this government, we get no respect. We are the ones footing the bill, but this government thinks they can take more and more people off of the tax rolls and tax more and more away from producers (taxpayers) in this great nation. And now we see a health care “proposal” from the President that seeks to give “new direction” to Medicare and Social Security taxes.  Enough is enough.

What we have learned in the last year is our voice counts but we have to speak together. The Founding Fathers gave us all the tools we need to control our government but we forgot how to use them “Shame   on us if we don’t use them and this is one way to petition our government for a redress of grievances. That is exactly what the online tax revolt march on Washington is all about, what our rallies are about and what our FairTax is about,” Hoagland said. 

While there isn’t much bipartisan support in Congress for the FairTax, Hoagland believes it’s just a matter of time.  A Democrat U. S. Senator has called and asked for a briefing. “We have our fingers crossed. Union members and people who are Democrats on the grassroots level are responding. One Democrat, Congressman Dan Boren,  out of Oklahoma came to us because Democrats  in his state came to him and said, ‘ look this is how we save jobs in America this is how we bring trillions of dollars of investment and that means jobs’ and that’s union jobs in this case,” Hoagland said.  He insists, it’s not partisan and Democrats will come around lead by grassroots union members.

Hoagland goes onto say, “I am waiting for the day when advocates for the impoverished in this country will step forward and say the best thing we can do for the poor in this country is pass the FairTax. The best way to help the poor in the US is to enact the FairTax.” He makes the point that the FairTax is good for unions, wage earners, and the manufacturing of American goods. 

“Unfortunately we’ve got to get past Congress’s love of the corruption of the tax code to get the FairTax enacted,” Hoagland says.  He names heroes like John Linder and Neal Boortz, both from Georgia. Hoagland believes this online march will help make the rest of the country look like Georgia regarding the FairTax.

The generation of television based communications, which created a largely passive voter population, is ending and the newest era of the American people taking direct action for change. We do not mourn the passing of TV passivism.  The new activism will put politicians much more at risk of offending the voters, and paying the consequences.  This, in turn, will force them to focus on the actual voter, rather than focusing solely on the big donors who fund carpet bombing TV buys.

So come join me at the and “March” on Washington this Tax Day.