U.S. Leftist Invents Haiti Blood Libel

The Islamic media has long trafficked in genocidal anti-Jewish hate speech and blood libel. But now the ummah has a new collaborator in the U.S.: leftist anti-Semites who traffic in libel on leftwing sites like the notorious Huffington Post. Recently a regular Huffington Post commenter fabricated a blood libel against the Jews on YouTube and it traveled around the world — into the Islamic media and even to the British Parliament.

Syrian TV on January 27 aired a report that included this:

“Israel is aiding the people stricken by the Haiti earthquake. This is a wonder unto itself. But the real reason is to steal organs from the corpses of the Haitian dead…the Israeli delegation, which came to Haiti under the pretext of helping these fate-stricken people, exploited the tragedy and the suffering of the Haitians, by stealing their human organs for trafficking.”

The genocidal point of all this was clear as a Syrian talking head went on: “Shylock, yes. As we see, the Jew has not changed — especially the Zionist Jews, who are now gathered in the so-called ‘Israel,’ which is the largest concentration in history of war criminals, who committed crimes against humanity.”

The report continued: “This was confirmed by American activist T. West, who documented this heinous crime and posted the film on Youtube. The film shows Israelis engaged in stealing organs from the earthquake victims.”

Syrian TV didn’t invent all this. It really did come from an “American activist” — an American leftist. The Haiti blood libel was started by Huffington Post regular commenter T-Westthea. “American activist T. West” is a regular at the Huffington Post, where he spreads conspiracy theories about how the U.S. designed the AIDS virus and all that Wright stuff alongside an avatar featuring a photo of Keith Olbermann. This Jew-hater has not been banned, his comments not deleted at the HuffPo. He is sanctioned. His YouTube page is well trafficked.

He is just an obscure ranting commenter on a leftist website, but those who want to paint the Jews and Israel in the worst possible light picked up his blood libel and ran with it. Muslim sites all over the Internet ran his story as if it were fact. It also spread to Iran’s PressTV and to the jihadis’ leftist allies in the Latino Aztlan network.

None of these made any mention of the extraordinary gratitude of the Haitian people toward Israel or of the fact that the first baby born after the earthquake was named Israel. No mention that the Muslim world did vastly less by comparison to help the Haitians.
Unbelievably, this blood libel even spread to the British Parliament.

So hungry are today’s anti-Semites for anything they can use to smear Israel that they will sacrifice their whole careers just to advance the most vile lies. And so it was with the Baroness Tonge.

Up until Saturday, Baroness Jenny Tonge was a health spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats in Parliament. Then the online Palestine Telegraph, which counts Lady Tonge as a patron, picked up T. West’s blood libel, and the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, fired Tonge. Nor was it the first time. She was fired as a Liberal Democrat spokeswoman on children’s issues in 2004 after she said she speculated on circumstances in which she would become a suicide bomber: “If I had been a mother and a grandmother in Palestine living for decades in that situation, I don’t know, I may well have become one myself.”

Well, now she has gotten axed again. Lord knows where she will work her evil next. The world Islamic machinery has so many opportunities for someone like Baroness Tonge.
Jewish blood libels are daily fodder over on the dark side. And what is their objective apart from the obvious demonization of the Jewish people? They want Israel’s acts of goodness and kindness to stop. They think that if they punish the good, maybe they’ll stop doing good work. They know Israel’s actions in Haiti show what Israel is really made of.

And they can’t stand that.

Now that the falsity of T. West’s story has been exposed, the new outlets that ran it should retract and apologize. But they won’t. Nor will there be any accountability and self-reflection from the Huffington Post or anyone else on the left about their aiding and abetting the global jihad’s genocidal Jew-hatred.