Fedzilla's Census Games

A phrase being tossed about more and more of late is: Washington DC is broken.

No kidding? Really? Say it ain’t so.

Middle America has known DC politics have been a figurative train wreck for years. The only people who seem surprised by this new-found revelation are the political punkmasters who ply their deceptive, legalized thievery inside the DC Beltway.

Their solution to reversing this political kamikaze nosedive? Throw more of our tax dollars on the blazing inferno of Fedzilla unaccountability and irresponsibility. The flames leap higher and higher while bureaucrats drunk on power babble on. Lovely.

Remember way back when a billion dollars was real money even to Fedzillacrats?
Our Fedzillacrats now toss about billions of our tax dollars as though it was pocket change. They attempt to con us into believing that spending billions on some pork barrel pet project is not only cheap but a wise use of our tax dollars. A couple of billion here, a few billion there. Souiiiiiii!

Take, for example, the census. Counting everyone in the country every decade is a Constitutional requirement. The purpose of counting Americans is to determine how many congressional rats each state gets to send to DC to rape, plunder and pillage the national treasury and saddle future generations of Americans with the burdens of their financial thievery.

Seems reasonable enough, but if our founding fathers had known the financial cost of the census in 2010, we can hope they would come up with an easier, cost-effective way of counting everyone every ten years.

The cost for the 2010 census will be somewhere around $14 billion. Plus or minus a few bucks, Fedzilla will spend over $40.00 per American to count each of the 300 or so million Americans, and those pesky pseudo-Americans.

Why are we counting the pseudos at all?  If they aren’t American citizens – whether they’re illegally here or not – they shouldn’t be counted toward congressional apportionment.  But they will.  Know why?

Because the census isn’t even asking people if they’re here legally far less asking them to prove it. 

They may as well subcontract the whole thing to ACORN.

Again, that’s $40.00 per person and fourteen billion dollars in total. Only Fedzilla could devise a method of spending $40.00 per person on counting every Americans.

If it takes anywhere near $40.00 per person to count everyone, the census, like most everything else Fedzilla touches, will be just another shining example of a broken, rusting, hulk of inefficiency–the modus operandi of the DC beltway bandits.

If being saddled with a fourteen billion dollar bill isn’t insulting enough, I say the census will be incredibly inaccurate or so rife with ACORN-style fraud that it will be contested in court. Another $14 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars up in flames. This fraud of a census won’t be worth $14 when it’s all through, except to those who want to miscount it to make congress a bigger fraud.

Since transparency is another buzz word in DC, wouldn’t it have been wise to solicit input from the American public on how to conduct the census far more cheaply and much more accurate or at least charter a commission of pollsters to develop a better solution than blowing fourteen billion bucks?

Uncle Ted to the rescue.  First off, we need to accept the 80% solution rule. If we can get the census 80% right, that would be a much higher accuracy rate than any other thing DC has ever tried to do.

Our tax returns are all computerized. Our addresses are on our tax returns along with our dependents, if any. The president should order Tim "I forgot to file my taxes" Geithner, the tax cheat in charge of the IRS, to provide that information to the Census Bureau. There’s an 80% solution right there.

Implementing my common sense solution will literally save us fourteen billion smackers, get a much more accurate count of Americans than the Stone Age way the Census Bureau is implementing, and eliminate the overwhelming majority of fraud.

Weird that a Motown guitarslinger/deer exterminator can come up with a common sense solution but not one Fedzillacrat. And the idiots in DC still can’t see the allure of the Tea Party.