Breitbart Takes On The New York Times, Mainstream Media at CPAC

Andrew Breitbart went on the offensive against the mainstream media this past weekend, claiming that they are out of touch with the American people. He also called out New York Times reporter Kate Zernike in person, for media bias.

On Thursday afternoon, Breitbart gave a speech upon receiving the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award. He used the podium to criticize the leftist bias of the mainstream media and then pointed out an article by Zernike article as an example.

“I’m going to just show what I had to deal with today,” he told the audience. “Kate Zernike of the New York Times, are you in the room? Are you in the room?” he asked. Zernike acknowledged that she was present. “You’re despicable,” Breitbart then told her.

“You’re a despicable human being. You’re the New York Times, what’s your headline here? You came to CPAC to get your prey, and here’s your prey, Jason Mattera, from Hot Air and also from Young America’s Foundation. This is the headline: ‘CPAC Speaker Bashes Obama, In Racial Tones’.”

Breitbart then read a portion of Zernike’s article out loud. It read: “How can conservatives win the youth vote that overwhelmingly went for Barack Obama in 2008? At the Conservative Political Action Conference, apparently, some are betting on using racial stereotypes.”

Zernike covered Jason Mattera’s Thursday speech at CPAC, on a panel for “Saving Freedom for Future Generations.” After making her opening comment on his apparent use of “racial stereotypes,” Zernike referenced various parts of his speech and alleged that he used a Chris Rock voice to make certain points.

Mattera’s speech can be viewed here at Breitbart’s website

“This is like our Woodstock,” Mattera remarked of CPAC. “Except unlike the left’s gathering, our women are beautiful, we speak in complete sentences, and our notion of freedom doesn’t consist of snorting cocaine, which is certainly one thing that separates us from Barack Obama.”

“Actually, on the cocaine front, I do believe many young people in America viewed Barack in the same fashion as they do drugs. It was a substance to experiment with. But like most narcotics, the hangover afterward has them thinking, ‘Oh what the hell did I just do?’ The fact is that Obama’s America has given conservatives a ripe opportunity to capture what is perceived as the left’s stronghold.” Mattera then moved his point of assault to academia, where he reported that professors and administrators supported Obama over McCain in a 12 to 1 ratio. “Aren’t liberals always talking about diversity? Well, where is it?” he asked. The comment can be found at the 2:34 mark of the video.

Zernike wrote of Mattera’s remarks: “He then mocked what he described, with a Chris Rock voice, as ‘diversity,’ including, he said, college classes on ‘cyber-feminism’ and ‘what it means to be a feminist new black man’.”

Describing the latter class, Mattera said: “What does it mean to be a ‘feminist black man?’ Think of a crossover between RuPaul and Barney Frank.”

Zernike continued later in her article, “Offering up a slogan, he adopted the Chris Rock voice again: ‘Get your government off my freedom!’” The comment can be found at the 7:25 mark of the video.

“Can we save our generation from Obama zombies, he asked. He answered himself by borrowing the president’s campaign slogan: ‘Yes, my brothahs and sistahs. Yes we can!’” This comment can be found at the 8:00 mark of the video.

Breitbart responded with sharp criticism to the article, “It goes into a story that does not express that he used a racial stereotype. It is just built upon a bed of lies. It says that he went into a Chris Rock voice? She’s the one that correlated his voice to Chris Rock. He happens to be from Brooklyn! He was using his voice.”

Mattera defended his words in an exchange with HUMAN EVENTS, saying that Zernike provided no concrete evidence of racism in her article, and rather focused on his “Chris Rock” tone to make her point

“It should be pointed out that Zernike never gave evidence from what I said while making her vile smear,” he noted.  “Instead, Zernike pointed to the cadence of my speech, as though she is an expert at detecting dialects. I’m from Brooklyn and I speak like I’m from Brooklyn. There’s nothing more to it.”

Mattera continued that “there is a first time for everything, and being accused of channeling Chris Rock is certainly a new one for me.”

“Somebody needs to give Zernike a copy of a Chris Rock skit ASAP. I sound nothing like the dude. In any event, does Zernike think that all black people talk like Chris Rock? If so, she needs to wrestle with her own racial demons.”

Mattera also discussed his references to Obama and cocaine usage, as well as Zernike’s reference to his comparison of Barney Frank and RuPaul.

“By that logic, Obama must also be a racist,” Mattera argued. “After all, he described his own penchant for cocaine in Dreams from My Father.” “The RuPaul crack was a joke. Liberals need a sense of humor. They devalue the word ‘racism’ by throwing it out so frivolously. Moreover, I’ve never heard a ‘racial stereotype’ that included a blend of Barney Frank and RuPaul. That would be a truly scary thought.”

Mattera also told HUMAN EVENTS, “Zernike’s smear is even more pernicious since I have a book due out in one month, Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation. Like a good leftist, Zernike is using her pen at the New York Times to marginalize the book’s success before it’s even released.”