Pelosi's Counter-Intelligence

No one has been more active in the Democrats’ war against our intelligence community than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Last May, HUMAN EVENTS reported first on the CIA memorandum that showed that Pelosi had lied when she denied that she had been briefed on CIA waterboarding of terrorist prisoners.

According to contemporaneous CIA documents, Pelosi had been briefed on September 4, 2002 on the use of waterboarding and other so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques” on al Qaeda big Abu Zubaydeh.

Now, details have emerged in other just-disclosed documents that show Pelosi was briefed even earlier.

In documents released on February 19 to the activist group Judicial Watch by the Justice Department, Pelosi is shown to have been briefed on April 24, 2002 on “…ongoing interrogations of Abu Zubaydeh.” The newly-disclosed document does not specify if the briefing included mention of waterboarding or other EITs.

Other documents among those now disclosed reveal other important points which – in one degree or another — prove Pelosi’s continued denials and accusations are false and show that the EITs were essential to the counter-terrorist operations of the CIA and our military.

Among the new revelations:

•    Classified testimony given to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence by then-CIA director Michael Hayden on April 12, 2007 says, in part, “Detainees have played some role — from identification of photos to providing in-depth targeting information — in nearly every capture of al-Qaida members and associates since 2002.”

•    A CIA memorandum of a July 13, 2004 briefing to House Intelligence Committee members addressed the issue of detainees who had died in custody. It says, “It was also true that none of the detainees who had died had been subjected to the enhanced [interrogation] techniques; and

•    The April 12, 2007 classified testimony by Hayden objects strenuously to limiting CIA interrogators to the techniques specified in the Army Field Manual.  Hayden’s statement says, “Limiting our interrogation tools to those detailed in the field manual will increase the probability that a determined, resilient [high-value detainee] will be able to withhold critical, time-sensitive actionable intelligence that could prevent an imminent, catastrophic attack. In essence, we would be back to a pre-9/11 posture.”

Almost immediately after his inauguration, President Obama prohibited any use of enhanced interrogation techniques, limited them to the techniques specified in the Army Field Manual and thus returned our intelligence community to the pre-9/11 posture Hayden described.