Excerpts from Rep. Mike Pence's CPAC Speech

One year ago, many conservatives were sure of our principles but uncertain about our future. One year ago, it seemed that there were only a few people in this country who were unbowed by the glamour and appeal of the new American Left.

One year ago, we met under the seemingly unconquerable juggernaut of one party liberal government in Washington, D.C.

Huge Democratic majorities in both houses. Unchallenged liberal dominance of our media, our courts, our public schools, our universities, our executive and legislative branches.

But that force only seemed indomitable to those who didn’t know you.

Now look at you. Look at what you’ve done.

You proved Thomas Jefferson right. He said “The people are the ultimate guardians of their own liberty.”

Because of you, the American people have been on the march to restore the timeless values that have built this nation.

A march whose first muster was began by you, right here in this city, one year ago.

The American people are on the march to win back America.


Some folks like to call us the party of ‘no.’ Well, I say ‘no’ is way underrated in Washington, D.C. Sometimes ‘no’ is just what this town needs to hear.

When it comes to more borrowing, the answer is no. When it comes to more spending, the answer is no. When it comes to more bailouts, the answer is no. And when it comes to a government takeover of health care, the answer is no.

Conservative Republicans are back. We’re in the fight for fiscal discipline and limited government, and we are on the side of the American people.


To turn this country around, we don’t just need a Republican majority, we need a conservative majority on Capitol Hill.

We need men and women committed to fight for a strong defense, limited government and traditional moral values.


You’ve gathered in this nation’s capital to take your stand for what makes this country great. A capital filled with memorials to America’s heroes, men and women whose faces are carved in bronze, whose names adorn monuments, and just across that river, whose remains lie quietly as testament to their heroism for our freedom. In their time they did their part. Now it’s your turn.‪

Let us do as generations of Americans have done before, let us stand for what has always been the source of American greatness: our faith in God and our freedom. And if we hold that banner high, I believe with all my heart, the good and great people of this land will rally to our cause. We will take this Congress back in 2010, and we will take this country back in 2012, so help us God.‪