Cheney and Brown Make Surprise Appearances at CPAC

Both former Vice President Dick Cheney and newly elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown shocked and pleased the masses at CPAC 2010 yesterday when they showed up unannounced and gave surprise speeches.

Liz Cheney had just finished her remarks when she said she often speaks of her father but this time she brought him along. Applause erupted around the entire conference venue as young students and lifelong activists (over 10,000 expected this year) quickly poured back into the ballroom to see Cheney. “Oh my God! I didn’t know Cheney was here!” shouted a young girl.

It wasn’t more than 30 minutes later when an even more surprised crowd roared into a standing ovation as Sen. Scott Brown walked on to the stage to introduce fellow Massachusetts Republican Mitt Romney.

Rumors circulated prior to CPAC 2010 that newly elected Sen. Scott Brown would not be speaking at the conference due to a packed schedule. Some even speculated that with news stories spreading rapidly about Brown having presidential aspirations he had been advised to keep a low profile.

“They said it couldn’t be done, but collectively we all did it,” Brown said to the beaming crowd. “And yes, the question everyone’s been asking me — did I drive here in the truck? Yes, it’s right outside.”

“We have absolutely changed the course of politics in America,” Brown said to a roar of applause.

American Conservative Union (the organization that hosts the conference) chairman David Keene told the Washinton Times that Cheney’s appearance remaining secret set a new CPAC record. Unlike previous years the secret was not leaked. Keene also said that Brown’s appearance was a surprise to even Keene himself.

Who will be next to surprise CPAC attendees on the second day of the conference? Organizers promise that there will be more to come. Could it be Former President George W. Bush? Perhaps fan favorite and last years closing speaker Rush Limbaugh will make an appearance.

Stay tuned…