Lie Exposed: U.S Guns and Mexican Crimes

Early last year the Obama administration, supported by many in the mainstream press, perpetrated and perpetuated the notion that ninety percent of all guns used by the Mexican drug cartels originate from the United States. For many weeks that myth went largely unchallenged. As a result, many Americans began to believe the lie. (I refer you now to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbles who made famous the concept of “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and the people will believe it.”)

Finally, in early April of last year, Fox News set the record straight with a “real” piece of investigative journalism in which they discovered (using numbers from Mexican government officials) that 83 percent of guns confiscated by the Mexican government did not originate from the United States. The week prior to Fox News, the National Rifle Association posted a rebuttal of their own. Since then many, many stories have been aired and posted on the internet casting aspersions upon or out and out debunking the myth that ninety percent of all guns used by the Mexican drug cartels originate in the United States.

In light of that, for me to write about it again, would be tantamount to reinventing the wheel, and thus, wasting your precious time. However, during all my research for this article, what intrigued me most, wasn’t that the Obama administration would perpetrate a lie, or that many in the mainstream press would breathe life into it. What interested me most was the question of motivation, the eternal question of “why”.

Of course, on the surface, that’s an easy question to answer. It’s because many in the present administration are ideologically opposed to private gun ownership of any kind and would repeal the Second Amendment itself in a heartbeat, if given the opportunity.

It’s no secret that Eric Holder wants to ban so called “Assault Rifles” (I have one of my own.  A really nice Panther DPMS Arms Classic. Oddly enough, this terrifying weapon has never killed anyone. It just sits there until I pick it up and take it to the range to shoot. It’s a fun and useful rifle.) But why would he need to drag in the drug cartels? That seems like a relatively new tactic.

I think the answer can be found in Barak Obama himself. He is a globalist and more ambitious than we can really know. Many people wonder why he is running America into the ground; why he is governing from so far to the left. I believe he’s not happy to remain President of the United States. He doesn’t even like our country and that’s why he’s working so tirelessly to transform it. And once he’s transformed it, I suspect he’d like nothing more than to rule the world as Secretary General of the United Nations. (Or some other title not yet invented.)

I admit that I could be wrong. It’s just a nauseous feeling in my gut. A splinter in the back of my mind.

I believe that this whole Mexican Drug Cartel lie was perpetuated as a stepping stone toward the United Nations Small Arms Treaty passage in the United States Senate. It was one of those trial balloons that politicians are so fond of floating. In the end, Fox News and the NRA raised their fifty caliber pens and blew the rubbery beast out of the sky, as well they should have. But it took them a few months, and the notion is still out there, floating around, gathering more hot air and waiting to rise again, and believed by many who just never check the facts. The words of the late Senator Patrick Moynahan (no friend to the Second Amendment) come to mind as I think about it. “You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.” On the other hand, if no one checks the facts, if no one debunks the myth, then Hitler and Goebbles were right.
“Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and the people will believe it.”

Isn’t it interesting that the Obama administration either refuses or is unable to control illegal immigrants from entering through our southern border, yet, they are entirely willing, indeed eager, to strip away basic human rights such as the Second Amendment from its own citizens. Let’s not deal with the root of the problem (i.e., open borders) let’s just use the crisis of drug cartel violence and illegal immigration to clamp down on the honest, law-abiding citizens of America.

I encourage all of you to speak up and exercise your First Amendment rights whenever a lie is told by your leaders. Don’t take them at face value. Question your government.
I leave you now with the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, another dictator, who said “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who remain silent.”

Be part of the minority. Scream your heads off. Hold the government accountable for all they do and say. After all, they are entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.

Editor’s Note: The Second Amendment March is April 19th. Take a minute to visit for details about the national and state 2A events.