Readers #1 Issue: Illegal Immigration and Border Control

HUMAN EVENTS, the parent group of Guns & Patriots, surveyed our online readers for their opinion on what our country’s top issues are and they answered. They answered in force – 30,000 people told us what they thought and they did not hold back their opinions.

Who are these people?

Among our respondents 90% are age 45 or older, 69% are male, 96% are Caucasian, 43% have household incomes above $75,000, 57% have at least a bachelor’s degree, and 36% are Veterans.

We asked readers to choose the top 5 social or political issues that concern them the most. The percent indicates the percentage of people that listed the issue in their top 5 concerns.

Top Issues:
Illegal Immigration/Border Control   77%
Terrorism      55%
Government Spending    55%
National Defense     42%
Second Amendment Preservation   41%
Energy Independence     40%
Abortion on Demand     31%
One Party Government Control   30%
Jobs/Economic Climate    29%

What can we take from these results? Americans are concerned about the economy but more deeply worried that the enemy of our Union is failure to guard what is most precious: United States citizenship. Illegal immigration is an assault on our citizenship and a devaluation of what American means. The year before we asked the same question and got the same answer – illegal immigration was the top issue. Since then precious little has been done and conservatives are angry.

Terrorism and government spending tied for the second issue in people’s Top 5. September 11th forever etched our vulnerability into our minds as December 7th did for an earlier generation. It also etched our vulnerability into the minds of those that seek to destroy us. This issue is closely tied to illegal immigration, for if the least sophisticated general laborer can make it across our border so could the most sophisticated threat.

Government spending was defined by the majority of our respondents as a government without fiscal constraint. They described government as too big, too involved in daily life and as taking on too many functions and performing each poorly. Our respondents’ comments were that politicians could no longer be trusted regardless of party affiliation, we are headed toward socialism and we have lost regard for the Constitution of the United States. 

National defense linked closely to terrorism and support for our troops. A strong national defense was viewed as a deterrent to war. And when we go to war, conservatives want our troops to be the best trained and equipped forces on the planet. When our troops come home they deserve the best care our country can provide.

Second Amendment preservation drew impassioned comments second only to illegal immigration. The 2nd Amendment is the amendment that protects all others; it is clearly enumerated in the Bill of Rights and is not to be compromised. It’s the only amendment that protects ownership of a specific and tangible object. Readers felt that George Mason’s words still hold true: “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

More than 30,000 hard-working, well-educated conservatives spoke and we are reporting the results. Their message is clear: illegal immigration is a threat to our Union, our way of life and our economic stability.

Don’t tell me illegal immigration is necessary to do the jobs people won’t do. Say it this way: illegal immigration is necessary to do the jobs that people on welfare won’t do.

Stop illegal immigration and our country becomes more prosperous and safe. Prosperous and safe: I guess those two things are not considered important to our lawmakers.

Please note: This is not about race, color, creed, religion, hat size, favorite sandwich or any other reason someone wants to manufacture to obfuscate the issue. It is about undertaking an illegal activity which happens to be unlawfully entering the United States of America. Nothing else, nada, period, end of conversation, amen.

Thanks to all those that took the time to let me know how they felt. Leave your comments below.