Conservative Comedian Monologue on the Tea Party and 'Snowmageddon'

Washington continues to dig out from a snowstorm said to be of historic proportions.  In fact, experts say it is the biggest snow job in Washington since Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

The good news is that experts expect the snow to be fully melted by Wednesday.  The bad news is that the experts are from the IPCC.

With everyday bringing new revelations about the fraud and corruption behind the global warming hysteria, some people are concerned about Al Gore’s legacy.  Relax, folks, he’ll still be remembered for having invented the Internet.

And, of course, Gore will always have the Nobel Peace Prize: they don’t give that thing out for just doing nothing.

Patrick Kennedy derided Scott Brown for “being in the tank” for the Republicans, which is an odd choice of words for a Kennedy as half the time they’re tanked and the other half they should be spending time in the tank.

And, in yet another one of his mounting faux pas, Barack Obama referred to a member of the Marine Corps as a “Corpse Man.”  I think Obama just got confused, since “corpse man” is the euphemism used in the healthcare bill to describe people who work on the death panels.

Obama did recoup from his error by saying how proud he was that these corpse men came from all 57 states.

I saw that in preparing for her big speech to the first national Tea Party convention, Sarah Palin wrote some notes on her hand with a magic marker — a practice known to Palin as “The Alaska Teleprompter.”

This just proves once again that Palin is smarter than Obama, who needs more notes, wastes more energy and can never give a speech more than twenty feet from an outlet.

And New Orleans is the Super Bowl champion!!!  As soon as the snow started falling in DC, I knew they were going to do it because it’s so often been said that the Saints will win the Super Bowl when hell freezes over.

In other sports news, immediately after the Super Bowl, the last place Cleveland Browns made some moves to improve themselves for next season by going out and drafting Betty White and Abe Vigoda.

And, I hate to say it, but “The Who” is getting old.  In fact, for the sake of truth in advertising, the band plans to change its name to “The How’s That Agains.”

And did you see Pete Townsend’s pot belly hanging out the whole time?  That drops Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction down to the second most pornographic in Super Bowl history.

Meanwhile, Olympic Committee officials are concerned that there’s no snow yet in the mountains of Vancouver, meaning that, for the first time in history, the Jamaican Bobsled Team’s got a shot. 
More bad news for the antique media as single issue magazine sales have plummeted yet again.  I know this because I read the story on the Internet.