Garden State Showdown: Conservative Challenges Another RINO

Should a congressman with this record be rewarded with a 15th term in office?

• Voted for Cap and Trade

• Co-sponsored Card Check

• Voted twice with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats against making the 2001/2003 tax cuts (Bush tax cuts) permanent

• Voted to allow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to sue companies that require employees to speak English

• Voted with Nancy Pelosi to defeat a 2008 Republican budget resolution which would reduce spending $12 billion and impose a moratorium on pork barrel earmarks

• Voted twice to increase taxes on domestic energy producers (which is passed on the consumer)

• Vote three times against drilling at ANWR

• Voted for the Pelosi light bulb bill in which the government will decide the type of light bulbs you can use in your own home

• Voted for Barney Frank’s housing trust fund

• Voted against free speech when he supported a bill to regulate the Internet including, email and blogs

• Accepts tens of thousands of dollars from Big Labor Unions each election cycle

Would you have guessed that these votes came from a Republican?

This is the record of 28-year incumbent Republican Chris Smith from New Jersey’s Fourth Congressional District (NJ-4). Believe it or not, these are just a few of his votes from the last two legislative sessions.  Is it a wonder why Smith has earned the ranking as one of the most liberal Republicans in the House by the American Conservative Union.  This goes along with his “F” rating from American Gun Owners and “D” rating from the NRA.

Smith has proven that he has no intention of upholding the Constitution or protecting the best interest of the people of the district or of the country.   He has spent his entire adult life in Washington.  For the past 28 years, Smith’s entire information base has been formed by Washington lobbyists and special interests.

Smith has no real life experience creating jobs or building a business.  He has no basic understanding of economics or budgeting.  As a result, he has no knowledge to draw upon when making decisions that affect our lives.  Smith has to rely on lobbyists and special interest groups to do the thinking for him. 

Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama can always count on Smith to move their progressive agenda forward.  Smith’s vote for Cap and Trade will result in massive job losses nationally.  New Jersey alone will lose 30,000 jobs.  In exchange for his votes, he has received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from labor unions and green groups.  He was also rewarded by Barack Obama with an appointment to the United Nations as a congressional delegate.  Clearly, Smith sold us out.

To add “insult to injury,” this is the candidate the Republican Party has chosen to support.  Why?  Because he is an incumbent?  Smith dealt a serious blow to the Republican Party when he voted for Cap and Trade and co-sponsored Card Check.

What makes the Republican Party stand apart are our conservative principles.  The same principles which our Founding Fathers held when they wrote the Constitution, the same principles Lincoln held when faced with restoring a divided nation and the same principles which Reagan held when rebuilding after the economic disaster of the last progressive attempt to socialize our country under Carter.

It is “Republican Conservative Principles” which are our best hope for rebuilding and restoring our country from the Obama progressive agenda.  We must be diligent now to elect those who not only hold these principles but have the courage to fight for them, namely, less government, job growth through a robust economy and strong national security.

These cannot be accomplished unless our elected officials uphold and abide by the Constitution.  After all, they took an oath to do so!  Without a strong adherence to the Constitution, we will lose our freedom.  Without freedom, nothing is possible.

Any elected official —  including Republicans — who ignores the Constitution and destroys our freedoms must go.  No excuses!

Any party which ignores its principles in order to increase its elected members should be taken back by the people.

Accountability and solid conservative principles are what the people want and what is needed to get our country back on track.  This is exactly why the tea parties were born — out of frustration.  People want and expect that their leaders serve them and to do what’s in the people’s best interest — not to serve the interests of the lobbyists.

This June in New Jersey Congressional District Four (NJ-4), the people will have the opportunity remove 28-year Washington insider Chris Smith and replace him with a true conservative.  I am that candidate.

I believe we need to recommit to the principles of the Constitution and to encourage a spirit of individualism and self-reliance.  We need to strive to leave the country a better place for the next generation.   Bigger government is not the answer.  In fact, government needs to get out of our wallets, out of our businesses and out of our lives. 

In the 2010 congressional election year, the first opportunity to say “no more” to a Washington statist will come this June in the NJ-4 Republican primary.  We can and will restore America by electing a representative who will adhere to the Constitution.  If we stay the course that our Founding Fathers set, following the Constitution and sticking to our Conservative Principles, we will surely see victory and once again know the greatness that is the United States of America.