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How good is your global warming snowman?


(UPDATED) Al Gore Snowman Contest

How good is your global warming snowman?

HUMAN EVENTS announces its first ever Al Gore Snowman contest.  Our friend Amb. Fred Eckert suggested that we award a prize for the best snowman made to look like the chief poobah of global warming baloney, former Vice President Al Gore.

With Washington digging out of a near-record snowfall, it’s only appropriate to (dis)honor the principal perpetrator of biggest fraud since the UN’s Oil for Food scandal. (That one, after all, only cost about $30 billion.  The global warming “cap and tax” legislation will cost much more.)

Once you’ve dug out, please take your best shot.  Send us a picture of your snowman. The best one will receive $50 and an autographed copy of Jed Babbin’s “In the Words of Our Enemies,” the “Cliff notes of evil.”  Deadline is 5 PM Friday, the 12th of February.

Send your entries to

Don’t delay. Get out there and commit a gratuitous act of politics.

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