RedState Morning Briefing

RedState Morning Briefing
For February 3, 2010

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1. Barack Obama Admits That “By Design” You Remain Unemployed

Many of us have been saying it for a while. The White House intended that the stimulus money, which the White House intended to use to save or create jobs, would not really be spent in 2009 as unemployment soared to over 10%. On page 9 of Obama’s budget proposal, we find that, in fact, the White House is now admitting this fact. You are still unemployed by government design. Barack Obama writes, "By design, the bulk of the remaining 50 percent of Recovery Act funds will be deployed in the coming months of 2010 and during the beginning of 2011 to support additional job creation when our economy continues to need a boost." So wait? Even after 18 months all the money won’t be spent? To put this in perspective, consider what the President said in his State of the Union address . . . Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Betraying the Lie

This Sunday the nation will be treated to a very controversial thirty second advertisement during the Super Bowl. It will be about a mother whose doctor told her she had to have an abortion because she was ill and her son would either die or be severely handicapped. She chose life instead and her son, Tim Tebow, grew up to quarterback for Florida. There will also be a series of ads with scantily clad women and misogynistic men engaged in onscreen sexual perversion and debauchery akin to dogs in heat. NOW and Planned Parenthood have no problem with those commercials this year. Pam Tebow is enemy number one. The wrath of the pro-choice organizations and feminists betray the lie that is pro-choice. Pam Tebow wants us to know about her choice, but these groups want to stop her. Had she instead filmed a commercial in which she praised her doctor’s advice and had an abortion, these groups would be fine. Subtract away the nonsense of the non sequitur and we’re left with an inescapable conclusion: pro-choice groups view only one choice as meritorious. The beauty of Pam Tebow’s commercial extends beyond the message of her commercial. The commercial takes a position held by a majority of Americans and blows away the smoke and mirrors put up over a number of years by abortion advocates and feminists. The groups that run full page ads of women with duct tape on their mouths every time a Republican President nominates a judge want to put duct tape on Pam Tebow’s mouth. The groups that praise the poll tested phraseology of “pro-choice” really do not want anyone to hear about the choice they deem illegitimate. God bless the Tebow family for taking the slings and arrows so the rest of us can revel in the hypocrisy of the advertisement’s opposition. Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Meet fourteen worrying Democrats.

List extrapolated from here from Reid Wilson:

Candidate District PVI Cook Rating
Mike Ross AR-04 R+7 Likely Dem
Allan Boyd FL-02 R+6 Likely Dem
Alan Grayson FL-08 R+2 Toss-Up
Suzanne Kosmas FL-24 R+4 Lean Dem
Sanford Bishop GA-02 D+1 Safe Dem
Bill Foster IL-14 R+1 Lean Dem
Frank Kratovil MD-01 R+13 Toss-Up
Ike Skelton MO-04 R+14 Lean Dem
Earl Pomeroy ND-AL R+10 Lean Dem
Dina Titus NV-03 D+2 Toss-Up
Mike McMahon NY-13 R+4 Lean Dem
Michael Arcuri NY-24 R+2 Lean Dem
Chris Carney PA-10 R+8 Lean Dem
Ciro Rodriguez TX-23 R+4 Likely Dem

…and the reason that you can tell that they’re worrying is because everyone on that list commissioned a poll in the last three months of 2009. Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Obama’s Energy Tax Will Even Tax Strippers

The President’s proposed 2011 Budget has tax-raising bulls-eye squarely on every demagogue’s favorite target, "BIG OIL". Nobody likes Big Oil, right? They’re the Shells, the Exxons and the BPs who keep jacking up gasoline prices, right? WRONG. Regardless of what you think about Big Oil, those companies will hardly notice this tax increase. No, this baby will fall squarely on the backs of smaller, non-integrated domestic producers. The direct cost of this inept policy will be:

  • Loss of American jobs,
  • Loss of American GDP,
  • Increased oil imports, and
  • Reduced energy security.

The current tax system has been in place for many decades. It has been successful at doing what it was designed to do: making it easier to raise money for the risky hydrocarbon exploration business, and providing an incentive for marginal producers to keep their low-volume domestic "stripper wells" on line. Obama proposes to change that. Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. “Full Bluff Mode”

As the reality of the political and economic situation that the White House and the country finds itself in — brought on to us by that February rite of passage, the budget — health care reform is fading in the rear window. Highly unpopular, expensive, politically painful for proponents and manna from heaven for opponents — there was one Dem who was consistently correct and brave about what health reform would bring his party. He is the Dean of the sane Dems on health care, Lawrence O’Donnell, who was the Democratic staff director for the Senate Finance Committee during the 1993-94 Clinton health care debate. And O’Donnell says the Dems are “in full bluff mode.” Please click here for the rest of the post.