Welcome to Las Vegas, Mr. President

One of the most common traits among politicians is an exaggerated sense of self. I suppose you have to have some of that in order to run for office, although most of the first timers I interview swear they’re running for office because they really want to “serve.” Right or left, it doesn’t take long for these pols to forget who they work for, instead spending all their time working to keep themselves in office. I’ve seen it time and again.

I supposed it’s intoxicating to have people follow you around every day, clipboards and Blackberrys in hand, catering to your every whim, and feeding your ego up in the process. That’s why it’s tough for those in Congress to give it up.

In the case of Harry Reid, you’d think that he would see the handwriting on the wall in Nevada. There is more than one candidate beating Harry in the opinion polls, so it won’t be a question of knocking off just one viable candidate. That said, Harry’s a scrapper from way back, so my guess is that he won’t be packing it in, at least until November.

Now the latest news is that President Obama is coming to Vegas, to talk about the economy, and ostensibly to give Harry a boost. Does anyone know where I can buy a red carpet? I will personally roll it out for Obama’s appearance. After all, it worked so well in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Even if an Obama appearance hadn’t recently become the political “kiss of death,” I doubt his speech would go over real well with the folks in a town with unemployment at 13.1 %. Last January it was 9 %.

What can the President say to a town he used as an example of excess? He told corporations not to spend money here, never apologized, but couldn’t wait to come here for a fundraiser a few months later. And let’s not forget that many of those now unemployed were Obama voters. Blue collar workers were the hardest hit, and they’re pretty much finished with “hoping” for “change.” Even his supporters who still have jobs are feeling deceived.

After Obama’s recent loss in the Senate, you’d think he’d lay low, try to regroup, maybe even modify his message. And you’d think that Harry would do the same. Allowing the momentous Scott Brown victory to fade from the voters’ memory might help. But once again, if these two had any self-awareness, they probably wouldn’t be where they are.

Welcome, Mr. President. The Nevada GOP can’t wait to see you.