Top 10 Mistakes Made by President Obama

1. Healthcare
Obama’s quest for socialized medicine gave Congress the go-ahead to produce nightmarish healthcare legislation.

2. Deficits
His reckless spending programs are causing massive deficits that endanger the nation’s future economy.

3. Terrorism
From closing Gitmo to holding terror trials in New York, Obama has shown he just doesn’t understand the threat of terrorism to the United States.

4. Energy policy
From the ill-advised cap-and-trade bill to the fiasco at Copenhagen, Obama’s energy policy will cost Americans more money for energy while U.S. energy resources are left untapped.

5. Iran
Obama’s hands-off approach during the Iranian election protests was a missed opportunity to support opposition to the Tehran thugs.

6. Stimulus
The $787 billion stimulus package was a waste of money and created few if any jobs.

7. Appointments
From green jobs czar Van Jones and science advisor John Holdren to Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and safe schools czar Kevin Jennings, Obama filled his administration with left-wing zealots.

8. Missile Defense
The President left our allies out to dry while gaining nothing by giving up the missile-defense system in Eastern Europe.

9. Apologies
His constant apologizing for America’s past has been an embarrassment to Americans.

10. Partisanship
Despite his claim that his presidency would usher in a new era of
bi-partisanship, it has been business as usual in Washington.