Top 10 Best Things That Happened for Conservatives in 2009

1. Tea Parties
A grass-roots movement for conservative values emerged.

2. Obama’s falling approval ratings
Obama’s sinking poll numbers could make it harder for him to enact more of his radical agenda. 

3. Health Care Unfinished  
While the Senate passed its health care bill, there are still huge differences between the House and Senate versions that must be reconciled and could still sink the scheme.

4. Cap and trade stymied  
The liberals’ energy tax legislation looks like it is going nowhere in the Senate.

5. Town hall activists
They blew the whistle on Obamacare this summer, breathing life into the Obama opposition.  

6. McDonnell wins gubernatorial race in Virginia
Virginia is turning red again.

7. Christie wins gubernatorial race in New Jersey
If Republicans can win in New Jersey, they can win anywhere.

8. Scozzafava forced out of the race in New York 23
Tea Party activists claim their first scalp.

9. Republicans remain united in Congress
No GOP votes for the stimulus package in the House and none for health care in the Senate.

10. Former Veep Dick Cheney
HUMAN EVENTS’ Conservative of the Year speaks out tellingly against Obama’s terror policies and his dithering on Afghanistan.