Brown Could Stop the So Called Healthcare Reform Bill

The Democrats are sweating bullets over the special election next Tuesday to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts.  State Senator Scott Brown has turned the race into a referendum on the Democrats’ proposed takeover of America’s health care industry, unabashedly putting himself forth as the 41st vote that will stop the so-called health care reform bill from passing the Senate. 

According to the new Rasmussen poll of likely voters, Brown has pulled to within two points of Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley 49 to 47 percent.  The really bad news for Coakley is she’s not breaking 50 percent in the historically stalwart Democrat state with only six days to go in the race.

Coakley has the support of 77 percent of Democrats, yet Brown is taking not only 88 percent of Republicans but he’s pulling 71 percent of likely voters not affiliated with either major party to Coakley’s 23 percent of independent likely voters.

Obama won Massachusetts by 26 points in 2008.

Brown’s email fundraising bomb on Monday had raised a reported one day total of $1.3 million dollars from mostly small donors by Monday night.  By contrast Coakley was in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday raising funds from health care lobbyists led by big PhRMA who support her vote in favor of the backroom deals worked out for Big Health Care by the White House.  Over half of the listed sponsors for Coakley’s fundraising event Tuesday evening were health care lobbyists.

On Saturday, the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling released its latest poll showing Brown leading Coakley in the race by one point, 48 percent to 47 percent.  The Rasmussen poll is the latest that confirms the race has tightened significantly with only six days to go.  

That a Republican is polling within the margin of error in this statewide Massachusetts race speaks volumes about the unpopularity of the Democrats’ health care bills with voters.

Buchanan Files to Force Vote on Health Care Transparency

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.), sponsor of the “Sunshine Resolution” which would require opening up health care negotiations to public access is filing a discharge petition today to force a vote on his proposal.  The resolution was filed in October of last year and is co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of over 150 lawmakers.  The measure has not yet been given floor consideration by the majority leadership.

“In Florida we have one of the strongest right-to-know laws aimed at ensuring that government leaders conduct the people’s business in public,” Buchanan said.  “No private meeting, no backroom deals, no secrecy. It’s time to shine some Florida Sunshine on the Halls of Congress.”

The discharge petition would require 218 signatures on the discharge petition to bypass Democrat leadership and place the resolution on the House calendar over objections of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.).
“Health care reform is one of the largest public policy reforms taken up by Congress in generations,” Buchanan added.  “If enacted, the final bill will impact the lives of all Americans.  With so much at stake, any conference committee or meetings held to determine the content of sweeping national health care legislation should be held in full public view, not behind closed doors.”

Obama Moves Stimulus Goal Posts

Over the holidays the Obama administration announced that they would no longer keep a tally of jobs “saved or created” releasing instead numbers by quarter with no tally of the totals.  These new numbers will include jobs that were not created but already existed prior to stimulus funding but are now paid for by stimulus dollars.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price, M.D. (R-Ga.) talked yesterday about the White House shift away from the “saved or created” stimulus measurement.

“The stimulus has been such a grand failure that the administration has stooped to unabashedly cooking the books,” Price said. “Moving the goal posts and tinkering with math formulas won’t put the country back to work. The ridiculous ‘saved or created’ label needed to go, but the administration’s new stimulus metric is even more misleading. The White House is including in its count jobs that would have existed with or without this $787 billion boondoggle. People who get raises are included too. Was the purpose of the Democrats’ stimulus really to have taxpayers pay for raises and jobs that were not in danger of being lost?”

“Discretely announcing its new scheme during the holiday season, the White House is hoping no one will notice that it’s lowered the bar to embarrassing levels just to fabricate a new standard of success,” Price continued.  “This absurd accounting mess is just another symbol of the Democrats’ failure to truly address the economy. We need to nurture a job-friendly environment by allowing individuals and businesses to keep more of their hard-earned income. Our economy will rebound on the strength and drive of the American people, not Washington.”