Five Ways To Stop Airline Terrorism

The main differences between liberals and conservatives can be seen in their respective priorities. A big priority for conservatives is a strong military along with national security. We need to be safe. It seems so simple because without a strong defense, then the rest of the priorities for both liberals and conservatives would not matter at all.  Take, for example, France in World War II. The French were weak in national security and if the United States had not entered the war, they would be speaking German today. The French language might have been au revoir.

 Presently we are facing a different threat with the war on terrorism.  With the attempted bombing of Delta 253, the government has shown some ineptness in the security process and its ability to protect U.S. citizens. Some quick solutions are available; waiting until November elections is not the best option.

 First: The most obvious would be to fire Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Her remarks after the 12/25 incident were beyond incompetent. She said “the system worked.” I don’t have much faith in the person in charge of security when she thinks the system worked because a passenger jumped over a row of seats to stop the underwear bomber. How about this novel idea? The President should appoint people who are qualified for the job.

 Second: President Obama should rescind his nomination of Erroll Southers to head the Transportation Safety Administration. Thank God for Republican Senator Jim Demint who is holding up the nomination. Southers is in favor of unionizing TSA employees; yes, the people in charge of security at our airports. Could you imagine trying to go through a security line only to find out it was closed because employees were on a lunch break? What happens if they go on strike? Negotiate security? Bad idea. This would be the perfect time to nominate someone with work experience, or at least has studied, from the Israel El Al airline system. El Al this is the model for excellent security.

 Third: Congress should enact a law preventing passengers from filing lawsuits against an airline when they are removed from a flight. The terrorists have tested the system using the lawsuit technique and now the airlines are in fear of removing them. Can a person yell “fire” in a crowded theater? Can they make loud noises during a movie and get escorted out by the manager then sue? I doubt it. Nobody wants to fly with trouble. If any passenger is suspicious, obnoxious, rude, or creating a disturbance, they should be taken off, no questions asked. Currently, by law, only intoxicated passengers are required to be removed, others removed at the Captains discretion. This new law would assist the airlines immensely in not only a security role but with comfort for passengers from any drama that could enfold.

 Fourth: Another solution is in the random screening process. If they already have this procedure in place and have the manpower to do it, then why don’t they just give the extra screening to those who fit the terrorist profile and not to five year old Swedish children? Start with obvious solutions and drop the political correctness immediately. I have walked through screening and watched an eighty five year old man with his pants falling down while security was wanding his belt. At least pick men in-between 18-40! If they hire the right person to head TSA, then these changes could happen.

 Fifth: President Obama must show some leadership on the war on terrorism. He must start by admitting his mistakes and stop the legal action against the CIA employees who were doing the job they were hired to do. Stop the military trial against the three Navy SEALs who were doing the job they were trained to do. Stop the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City. Do not treat terrorists as U.S. citizens and do not give terrorists the rights of U.S Citizens. Do not close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. The attempted plane bombing and the Fort Hood tragedy have shown that war is being waged against us. Until there are some changes and soon, the President is proving that he is not taking the oath to protect this country seriously.

 These are simple, easy to enact solutions. It does not entail everything that needs to be done but start with obvious, actionable, low cost, big impact strategies. It also proves that we don’t need some bureaucratic commission to get together to call for a report that would be completed in six to twelve months. Implement these five points now and save lives tomorrow.