If GOP Wants Majority, Expose Fake Blue Dogs

Blue Dog Democrats fully understand that conservatives in this country outnumber liberals by a two-to-one margin.  They understand that in order to get elected, they must act conservative in their home district, and they understand that if they want a place at the Democrat table in Washington, they must vote as a liberal and support the radical agenda being pushed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

If Republicans are to succeed in retaking Congress this fall, it is critical to expose these liberal-voting congressmen that continually hide under the conservative Blue Dog label and get away with it. The National Republican Trust PAC recently launched the PELOSI INDEX, an online analysis and rating database designed to hold members of Congress accountable for the most egregious votes they take and to demonstrate how often they carry Speaker Pelosi’s water.

The Blue Dog Coalition is supposed to represent the conservative side of the Democrat Party, and at one time they did, but since the beginning of the legislative cycle last January, the INDEX has shown that 43 of the 51 members (minus Parker Griffith, Ala.) listed on the Blue Dog website supported Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda more than 50% of the time. Twenty-eight Blue Dogs supported her radical agenda 75% of the time and eight supported Pelosi a shocking 100% of the time.  These aren’t Blue Dogs, they are lap dogs.

Any Democrat who claims to be a Blue Dog will undoubtedly have a lot of explaining to do to their constituents as to why, time and time again, they supported and voted for the far left, San Francisco policies of Speaker Pelosi.

Only six Blue Dogs voted against the $787 so called Stimulus Bill; only two Blue Dogs voted against the massive expansion of the government-run S-CHIP program; only five voted against the trial lawyer handout known as the Lilly Ledbetter Act; and just seven voted against allowing the estate tax to expire next year.  Nearly half of the Blue Dogs voted in favor of the economy crushing cap and trade scheme and more than half supported the government takeover of health care by voting for the House’s version of Obamacare.

These voting records are abysmal and a far cry from being considered conservative or even moderate. Only two things can be derived from these votes.  Either these members are not conservative at all or they just refuse to push back against Pelosi.  Maybe the reason they are blue is from holding their breath every time they cast a vote for Pelosi’s agenda.   Either way, this is not what their constituents voted for, and they will have to answer to them at the ballot box in November.

Republicans and conservatives are riding a wave of momentum from a big off-year election and are continuing to tap the energy of the Tea Parties and town hall meetings.  This could set the stage for a huge election night in November but not if the liberal Democrats masquerading as conservatives are allowed to remain in Congress.  

These liberal Blue Dogs come from districts that want a true conservative. Thirty-two Blue Dogs were elected from congressional districts carried by McCain/Palin. Some Blue Dogs are already feeling the heat from their constituents.  Congressman Parker Griffith (Ala.) a former Blue Dog Democrat switched to the GOP last month.  Three other Blue Dogs have already opted to retire next year — Gordon (Tenn.), Tanner (Tenn.), Moore (Kan.).  Purging the liberal Blue Dogs should be a major component of any conservative and Republican resurgence in 2010.

We live in a conservative country but that hasn’t been reflected at the ballot box recently.  It is time to hold members accountable for the votes they take.  There’s an old saying in politics, if you want a friend get a dog.  But if you want a friend who will stand up against Pelosi DO NOT get a Blue Dog.