Dignity: You are Undignified and Shameless, Mr. President

One would think that dignity is an easily understood concept, an equally easily understood word, and to retain one’s dignity an easy thing to do, as it is a self-determined activity.

Will someone please explain this to our fearless, Ivy League over-educated, leader?

Photo-ops at the Delaware Air Force base at the return home of an American warrior who did not survive his last battle; Michelle in scruffy shorts descending the steps of Air Force One; brazen million dollar shopping trips by ‘the family’ in Paris and London; flying Chicago pizza chefs to Washington for the weekly gigs at the White House; Robert Gibbs; the White House social secretary saying “sure, anybody can come by” resulting in crashergate, one among many; giving shoutouts (whatever they are) to Indian chiefs on the heels of the worst terrorist act in this country since September 11; refusing to meet with your Afghanistan theater general until this refusal becomes public knowledge; taking a very public and humiliating trip to the Olympics meeting with your begging bowl to benefit your Chicago cronies; apologizing for America on every stage internationally upon which you land; constant vicious and untrue trashing of your predecessor; ridiculing Nancy Reagan; making fun of the Special Olympics; blowing off the international celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall; giving the Queen of England (a former ally of the United States) a disrespectful pat on the back (no bowing to her); dissing the Cambridge police in favor of your arrogant black friend; appearing shirtless on magazine covers; observed carrying reading material for a flight which consisted solely of a magazine on which you were the cover story; vast overuse of the word ‘I’ in all public speaking; actually bowing, as President of the United States of America, to a Middle Eastern potentate, the Japanese Emperor and the Communist leader of China; to speaking out on everything authoritatively with an astounding ignorance of history, especially this nation’s; insultingly ignoring a dinner invitation from the French President, (a former ally of the United States) — I could go on and actually list just about everything this embarrassment has done for the last 11 months, but all of these, and more, demonstrate Obama’s lack of comprehension of the term “dignity.”

It also demonstrates that this person has no clue what it means to be the President of the United States of America.

George Washington embodied dignity, not just on the part of the man, but also of the nation he represented.  He was also responsible for establishing the precedent of the dignity of the office of President of the United States, to which every President since that greatest of men has attempted to adhere. That is, not until this most recent character, who has neither respect for the office of President nor for the nation he was tragically elected to lead. George Washington would find both of these aspects of our current President to be stunning and inexplicable developments, but what would make him most furious (and George Washington did have a temper, though he worked hard to control it), would be the utter disregard — no, the actual contempt — this 11-month holder of the office obviously feels and clearly demonstrates towards the American people.

The will of the people, sovereign in this republic, was almost sacred to George Washington and the other Founders — it was the whole point of the exercise, one that had never before taken place in the annals of history. We actually weren’t supposed to end up in 2009 in an increasingly tyrannical rule run by socialists just over 220 years later. The sacrosanct documents that the Founders risked their lives to create were meant to be the guarantee ensuring the perpetuity of the freedoms they fought so hard to achieve.  This achievement was to have been made, for the first time in history, for the people of this republic.

Obama and his appointed under-the-radar-elite ruling group pay no attention to these documents, nor do they pay attention to the will of the people.  This group consists, of: let’s see, we have the charming Chavez admiring FCC czar, Mark Lloyd; the lovely self-proclaimed activist pederast, Kevin Jennings, as our ‘safe schools’ czar;  John Holdren, our brilliant science czar, who is an able advocate of forced abortions and sterilization of women (as the great Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up), and so many more of the like that it stuns the 21st  Century mind, much less that of George Washington.

I doubt even Bill Clinton could envision this crowd in any White House in any future of this country, much less the 18th century visionary George Washington.  Notwithstanding all the other decisions this President has made — bankrupting our nation, perhaps forever; taking over our automobile industries; trying Islamic terrorists in a civilian court on our precious soil; attempting to destroy our national economy by signing on to completely bogus ‘climate change’ agreements and to annihilating our magnificent health care system in order to pay off his union and corporate supporters and to control every aspect of our lives — these appointments alone, none of which had or has American popular support, nor Congressional approval, would provide adequate proof that Obama has nothing but contempt for the people of this nation.  Obama’s appointees are not in their positions to help the citizens of the United States of America; they are here to implement their agenda, to do it as brutally and as rapidly as possible while doing it as far under the radar of public attention as they can.

Since there are more of us than there are of them, every once in a while they have to pay lip service to the fact of America’s greatness.  It is disturbing and humorous at the same time how excruciatingly uncomfortable this makes them and their leader; witness the most recent speech of our great orator-in-chief at West Point.  It was positively painful for him to have to say good things about the country he is meant to be leading, but is, more accurately, destroying

At this point in our national decline, it is largely thanks to the new media in this nation, who exemplify the modern equivalent of the courageous soldiers of the Revolutionary War in their refusal to go down without a fight, that these America haters and their activities have been and are continuing to be revealed.  The 18th century fighters for freedom, (as exemplified in their beloved general), put all personal concerns aside to fight for the possibility of living as free men. They left behind their families, abandoned their farms, gave up their livelihoods, with no guarantees, all too often for no pay, not enough food, little ammunition, and all for the intangible hope of freedom.

To embark on our current fight for freedom should be an easier task for us. Our 18th century predecessors did not know what it was like to be free men and wouldn’t until they had delivered themselves from the yoke of British tyranny. We, as Americans, have known what it is like to be free for over 220 years, and we are, under this president, beginning to wake up to the nightmare of tyrannical statist control, which is succeeding in taking over increasingly numerous aspects of our lives.  This at first surreptitious and now brazen theft of our freedoms is unacceptable to the American spirit, and we know full well that the restoration of our freedoms is worth fighting for.

I guess the radical left thinks that because of their mistaken and temporary ascendancy to governmental leadership in America, we are just going to hand over our nation and our freedom to them.  “We won,” they keep telling us.  If they think that this easy relinquishing of our freedoms is going to happen, they haven’t studied the history of this nation and its people.

To partially quote the inestimable Reverend Jeremiah Wright, “No, No No, No, No, No, (here’s where America’s patriots diverge from Obama’s spiritual guide), God Bless America, God Bless America, God Bless America,”  That is what lives on in Americans from our 18th Century forebearers, that spirit that won’t allow us to let our uniquely American freedoms be taken from us.

George Washington was an exacting commander in chief, as he was a president.  He would demand no less from us that we recapture our dignity as a nation, and as a people.