HUMAN EVENTS' 2009 'Ins and Outs'

Tea Parties Party Crashers
Trillions Billions
Joe Wilson Joe Biden
Glenn Beck Lou Dobbs
Nobel Peace Prize Chicago Olympics
Going Rogue Going to Copenhagen
Kate Plus Eight Jon
Turkey Tettrazini Dede Scozzafava
Cindy Sheehan, 2008 Cindy Sheehan, 2009
Governor Palin Governor Sanford
Twitter ACORN
Passing unread bills at midnight Transparency
Wise Latina Women Geraldo
Marco Rubio Arlen Specter
Lying to Congress Shouting “You lie!”
Health care reform Health care in America
F-22 Raptor Balloon Boy
Crossover mini-vans Van Jones
Birthers Truthers
Death Panels Wood paneling
Partisanship Bi-
Phil Mickelson Tiger Woods
Obama Reacting Obama Preventing