HUMAN EVENTS' Connie Hair on Rush Limbaugh Show Today

HUMAN EVENTS Congressional reporter Connie Hair will be a guest on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Tune in to hear Hair talk about her year in reporting on Capitol Hill. Here is a sampling of some of the stories Hair wrote (many that broke nationally) in 2009.

Pelosi Erases Gingrich’s Long-Standing Fairness Rules

SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday

Republicans Shut Out of Stimulus Conference Negotiations

ACORN Whistleblowers Produce Shocking Testimony on Capitol Hill

Holder Says America Safer If Gitmo Closes, Even If Detainees Come Here

GOP Not Allowed to Say ‘Government-Run Healthcare’

Carter & Co. Kick House Censors

Revealed: Pelosi July 31 Strategy Memo

Townhall Twilight Zone

Dems Townhall Temper Tantrums

Remembering Teddy’s KGB Connections

Tea Partiers Take D.C.

Obama’s Big Gamble

Bachmann’s House Call Rocked

Holder: Court Will Convict KSM

Pelosi Bars Republicans from Copenhagen Press Conference