Facebook Helps to Garner Support for SEALs

Citizens all around the nation are showing their support this holiday season for the three Navy SEALs facing courts martial after capturing one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, and the most effective place for those to share their concerns and support the SEALs has been on the internet.

While much of the mainstream media has overlooked this story in the wake of looming healthcare reform and Tiger Woods’s marital woes, patriotic netroots have organized multi-purpose mediums in which citizens can easily locate and sign petitions, make donations, and voice their opinion.

A Facebook group named “Protest the prosecution of 3 Navy SEALs” has a whopping 175,000 members and the creator of the group Graham Ware told HUMAN EVENTS that it has grown at a rate of 10-12 thousand members per day.  

The comment "wall" in Ware’s group — a space designated for group members to post messages to each other in a bulletin board like fashion — reveals a new comment close to every two minutes, a very fast pace for activity on Facebook.

“Listen to the words of this song" writes one member "and where she sings, ‘all I want for Christmas is you…’ add at the end of the line, to SUPPORT THE NAVY SEALs WHO CAPTURED ABED…. that’s all I want for Christmas, your support for three Navy SEALs who are our fellow American’s and who truly need a Christmas Miracle"

Ware’s Facebook group’s participation is significantly larger than some nationally recognized groups that are busy around this holiday season like “Toys for Tots” — who only have about 6,500 members.  More politically driven groups such as one named “For Every 1,000 that join this group I will donate $1 for Darfur,” has a larger number —  420,000 members —  but promises a monetary donation and was created over a year ago whereas Ware’s group was only created a couple months ago.


Another group named “Support the Navy SEALs who Captured Ahmed Hashim Abed” has 89,000 members. Both support groups for the SEALs on Facebook serve as a place for the cumulative 264,000 members to post links to defense funds and petitions garnishing more support than possible prior to Facebook support groups.

With the help of the internet HUMAN EVENTS has accumulated almost 100,000 signatures on a petition to be delivered to Defense Sec. Robert Gates in hopes that he will drop the charges against the SEALs.

Join the hundreds of thousands who have gathered to support our military this Christmas, not prosecute them.

Sign HUMAN EVENTS petition here

Join “Protest the prosecution of 3 Navy SEALs”

Join “Support the Navy SEALs who Captured Ahmed Hashim Abed”