Our Nation Created, Our Nation Destroyed

A group of men, from disparate parts of the American colonies, from varying levels of society and with quite different temperaments and opinions, came together in the late 18th Century to create a nation.

What they achieved was a mixture of the ideas of the philosophies of 17th and 18th Century France, the examples of freedoms gained at certain periods in British history, and some quite radical theories on the freedom of man that came from our own home grown thinkers.

Nothing like it had ever been done in the history of the world.

It was a time for excitement, for fear, for resolve, for imagination, for determination, for daring, yet feelings remained mixed as the majority of these men hoped to the end, i.e., the beginning of the Revolutionary War, that reconciliation with the mother country could still be achieved. Even after the war had started, meetings of the rebels would automatically conclude, as in so many past years, with their raising their glasses for a rousing toast of “God Save the King.”

It was undoubtedly the greatest confluence of minds, both thinkers from past centuries, like Charles Henri de Montesquieu, to those of the time who were espousing freedom from tyranny, like Thomas Paine, to have ever come together in history.  All the ideas and concepts put forth by these thinkers, writers, philosophers and political agitators were thoroughly discussed and encapsulated into the timeless documents creating the United States of America that survive and provide the rules for the governance of our nation to this day.

Therein lies the problem.

Until 2009, every President elected to lead this nation has, in fact, strived to abide by the rules in the Constitution; that is, until hope and change came to America.  America is currently being governed by an agenda driven group of self regarded elites who are not abiding by any rules other than their own to gain total political power over the American people.  This Administration more closely resembles the Politburo than it does what George Washington and the other Founders created to ensure the preservation of the freedoms they fought so hard to achieve.

Let’s see — shall we compare John Locke and Thomas Paine to Saul Alinsky and William Ayres?  Perhaps the Baron de Montesquieu to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright?  Or maybe Adam Smith to Obama fave Louis Farrakhan?

One need not say more in presenting the current set of philosophical/political beliefs that guide this Administration.  They are striving to achieve what they think you should have, (not for your good, but for their control over you), despite the fact that you don’t want it.  As the American people shout to whomever will listen of their complete disgust with the outright thievery of the stimulus bill, serious consideration by Obama and his cohorts in Congress is being given to pass yet another one.  As support, (which was never very high), by the American public for the abomination that is Obama health care reform, (both bills),  plummets to 40%, Obama and his fellow elites just ignore and lie to the American people as they continue in whatever illegal and unconstitutional ways they can think of to ensure that we are imprisoned in this nightmarish system.  Americans, in large part, love their nation, and are proud of what America has been and has done in this world.  Obama, who does not feel this way, completely ignores this and as the most traveled president at this point in his term in our history, consistently belittles the many great achievements of the United States and humiliates, denigrates, and apologizes for, America everywhere he goes.  And he has been wrong, in each and very such circumstance.  Imagine our collective surprise, for example, when we found out that the only reason America became involved in bringing down the Berlin Wall, thus freeing the population of half of Europe, was to have made it possible for the election of the first African American president?   

This president is perennially cringe-inducing.  In yet another example of this, just days after proof was abundantly revealed of the complete fraud that is and always has been ‘climate change,’ what does Obama do?  He changes his mind and  announces that he is going to the international climate change conference in Copenhagen, after all!   

It is just as stunning to watch this Administration working so hard on a daily basis, (they know they don’t have much time), to destroy this nation, as it is to observe the mainstream media working with  equal diligence to make sure that this Administration succeeds in this effort.  The media is, at this stage, not just complicit in what Obama and his people are doing, they are actively and frantically assisting them.  The leg tinglers are not only refusing to report on any news that reflects negatively on Obama, and work overtime to try to annihilate any conservative or republican, even if they are not in office, they are now also refusing to even report real news stories they don ‘t want known.  If I remember correctly, the opposite was the purpose of journalism in principle, but clearly it is no longer.  A classic example of this is  Climategate,  about which stories emerge daily regarding the large number of e-mails exchanged between ‘eminent’ scientists proving that the primary climate change alarmists had either lied, made up data, destroyed data results that they didn’t like, or suppressed data.  It turns out that many such e-mails were sent to the BBC, or CNN, or any number of other mainstream media outlets some time ago, and there were not only no news reports of these astounding documents, but the stories were actually hushed up.  When one reflects on the billions upon billions of dollars that have already been spent on the complete scam of climate change, and the extraordinary and ruinous amounts proposed to be spent in the future, one can see the enormity of this scandal.  But the mainstream media do not find it worthy of reportage.

What I sometimes wonder is why the members of the mainstream media, who at this point have lost any shred of impartiality, respect , dignity, honesty or professionalism, want to see their country destroyed.  Aren’t they Americans?  Haven’t they been made aware of the glorious history of their nation?  Haven’t they observed their fathers’ and grandfathers’ pride in fighting to defend this country?  Is it that somehow they regard themselves as immune to the results of what Obama is trying to accomplish?  Or is it that they are in such an elite, self satisfied bubble that they assume that these reversals of the freedoms that they currently enjoy will only effect the plebeians, i.e., all the rest of us?  They will find that they will be as overtaxed as we are, as watched by the state as we are, as ruled over by multiculturalism and political correctness as we are, their children as indoctrinated as ours are, and they will be as longing for the America that George Washington created and Barack Hussein Obama, with their help, is destroying.