Gibbs Calls Climategate Debate 'Kind of Silly'

For the first time, the White House addressed “Climategate” and whether the newly revealed embarrassing e-mails about cover-ups concerning alleged man-made global warming undermine the questionable science behind it. In response to a question from CNN’s Ed Henry last week as to whether “Climategate” raises legitimate concerns, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stunningly said: “I think everybody is clear on the science. I think scientists are clear on the science. I think many on Capitol Hill are clear on the science. I think this notion that there’s some debate, minus Lester [Kinsolving, [a White House correspondent who always refers to “alleged global warming”], is kind of silly.” When HUMAN EVENTS Political Editor John Gizzi asked for a reaction to Gibb’s remarks from Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the Oklahoman said “it’s less important what I think than what people in the scientific community and a number on the liberal side are saying about it.”  He noted that many scientists have begun circulating a letter saying that Climategate means more data and facts are required on global warming. Several members of the American Physical Society have also called on their group to revisit its 2007 statement that global warming poses a dire emergency to the nation and the planet. Three APS members have recently circulated a public letter calling Climategate “an international scientific fraud, the worst any of us have seen.… We have asked the APS management to put the 2007 statement on ice until the extent to which it is tainted can be determined.”