The Copenhagen Scam

The bottom line at the Copenhagen Climate Conference is the same bottom line found in every Obama proposal — the redistribution of wealth from you to anybody else the government designates.

“Redistribution of Wealth” has been the holy grail of one world levelers for over 150 years.

At Copenhagen, the same folks who failed to impose a “New World Order” through international communism, and who have also failed (so far) to impose world government through the U.N., believe they have the right formula at last.  

The plan is simple. Hijack the science of climatology; hype evidence that the earth is warming (or cooling, doesn’t matter); predict imminent disaster (Florida will be underwater!) to frighten enough people to justify trillions in reparations from developed nations whose standard of living now threatens the whole planet with destruction, to undeveloped nations who are the “victims” of the success of free nations.

Bangladesh, for example, with its socialist “workers paradise,” has no plan to relocate its coastal population or in any other way mitigate the effects of “warming” but nonetheless now demands 15% of any Copenhagen money.

Other countries have not adopted the welfare entitlement mentality.  South Korea has raised its per capita share of GDP from about $400/year in 1953 to over $30,000/year by allowing a free-er market than North Korea, which started with the same poverty in 1953 and is in about the same place today

The climate threat, you see, has been caused by the evil capitalist U.S. raping and pillaging the earth, spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, melting the icecaps, killing the polar bear, etc. etc.

It apparently doesn’t matter that there are more polar bears today than there were 50 years ago and their population appears to be increasing, not decreasing.  These bears have adapted to several ice ages and warming periods that followed without apparent problem.

It also apparently doesn’t matter that China now emits more CO2 than the U.S. and is building a new coal fired power plant every couple of weeks on average this year. Yet the Obama pledge for the U.S. taxpayer to pony up 1/4 to 1/3 of the trillions being discussed at Copenhagen will really be a pledge to borrow more money from the Chinese to pay to developing countries (including the Chinese?) to develop wind and solar energy.

The Chinese, always alert to money making opportunity, already make most of the world’s solar panels and wind machines — so much for the American jobs Obama promised as part of this “New Economy.”

Delegates from 192 countries are gathered in Copenhagen hoping you don’t notice the carbon footprint of the event itself.

Much like Al Gore’s SUV, which is kept running to provide a comfortable interior climate when the Prophet (and a Poet too!) is whisked away from his latest speech decrying your lifestyle for ruining the planet, the delegates at Copenhagen will have over 1200 limousines at their disposal (but only 5 electric cars), they’ll largely fly in on private jets, and they’ll be wined and dined in the style roundly denounced by climate change fanatics as causing the very problem they are there ostensibly to solve.

Why not an Internet international conference?  Or, why not meet in Bangladesh where the low lying river delta is predicted to be under water because you eat steak?

The hypocrisy of the carbon footprint of the Conference pales into insignificance, however, when compared to the scandal of “Climategate.”

The hacked e-mails between the very scientists that the U.N. relied on to proclaim the climate debate “over” reveal it is far from over. As North America experiences its coldest decade in many decades, the “hide the decline” “science” justifying saddling American taxpayers with more debt seems silly. Just three decades ago, “scientists” were predicting an ice age and some of them were even proposing INCREASING the emissions of CO2 to extend the planting season and save mankind from the threat.

The attitude at Copenhagen is denial. The opening speeches can be summarized with the phrase “shut up and vote.” The Conference opened with a grotesque example of child abuse.  A video was shown of children from various parts of the world imploring the delegates to save them from the destruction of the planet.

Last year, President Obama pledged $2 billion from you to help educate children in other countries (What? Our kids don’t need education money?). If this “education” is more of the same propaganda that led to these pleading children, we’re doomed.

The President knows that climate change legislation (cap-and-tax) that passed the House last summer is dead in the Senate. In a breathtaking power play, the President’s EPA Administrator declared this week that CO2 was a “pollutant” (never mind that plants would die without CO2) and could be regulated and taxed by the Administration without further legislation from Congress.

With public opinion swinging decisively against the “global warming caused by man” hoax, what power play lurks ahead to back up the President’s predicted contribution “pledge” of billions of your dollars at Copenhagen next week ?