As Obama Fiddles, Ahmadinijad Awaits the Burn

As President Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize, one wonders if he did so with a modicum of guilt.  There is irony in the fact the deadline for submission of potential recipients of the award for world peace occurred only eight days after Obama took office.  Not even God, who took seven days to create the world, was so honored so quickly; yet Obama, who achieved nothing during those eight days, was.

If that wasn’t enough to make Obama pause before accepting the Prize maybe this should. Obama’s “be nice” approach toward an Iranian regime killing its own people has left the world a much more dangerous place today than the one he inherited almost eleven months ago.   

Just days before his trip to Copenhagen, Obama’s efforts to engage Tehran in dialogue about its nuclear program generated a response from  Iran of  not only “no,” but “Hell, no!” 

In quick succession, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his band of theological thugs made known their belligerent intentions.  Despite past efforts not to acknowledge decades of direct support for terrorist groups, Iran approved legislation to commit $20 million to this purpose.  It also announced a plan to build ten new uranium enrichment plants — in addition to the two secretly under construction and discovered by the West.  (This probably suggests other secret enrichment plants are already under construction as well.)  Meanwhile, Iran’s top nuclear program official, Ali Akbar Salehi, announced 20 additional enrichment sites are actually needed to fuel its nuclear reactors.  And, in a move typical of one truly believing he is untouchable, Ahmadinejad boasts there is nothing either Israel or the US can do to stop Iran’s program.

Undoubtedly, the man appreciating the irony of the moment most as Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize was Ahmadinejad.  As Obama brings home his Prize, Ahmadinejad knows a nuclear weapon — developed as a naive Obama spoke of peaceful engagement to prevent it —  will ultimately be used against the West or Israel. 

Ever since Iran’s nuclear development program was uncovered, Tehran has claimed its purpose is peaceful — while refusing to open it up to the scrutiny necessary to prove it so.  But, as Ahmadinejad seeks to obfuscate his true intentions, a means does exist by which to separate the wheat from the chaff in his peaceful use claim.

A small energy research and development company has been working for years on a solution to high energy costs.  Its research has led to several patents on a fusion process technology that creates low cost, high yield, environmentally safe energy using the chemical element boron.  Boron is in abundant supply in the US.  Not only is the energy produced extremely cheap, so too is the cost of building the fusion energy plant.  Unlike existing conventional or nuclear energy plants, this technology does not require construction of expensive steam generators or nuclear reactors.  It is based on well-established principles of thermonuclear physics, incorporating innovative technologies in a novel configuration.   This technology makes the need for much more expensive nuclear energy obsolete.  The technology company’s target date for its first power production is 2015.

And the best part of this is that boron cannot be used for nuclear weapons.  Would Ahmadinejad accept boron technology as a substitute?

To peel back the cover from Iran’s supposedly peaceful ambitions concerning its nuclear program, one should press Tehran to use this cheaper fusion technology to meet its goal of an energy alternative to oil.  The good news for Iran would be that boron is found in abundance in neighboring Turkey, which has been warming up to Tehran, thus assuring it of a ready supply of a key fusion process ingredient.  Despite this, however, one can rest assured of a similar “Hell, no” response from Ahmadinejad.  But, the effort would expose, at least for the world to see, what the Iranian leader’s true, and evil, intentions are concerning nuclear weapons.

Myth has it that Roman Emperor Nero laughed and played the fiddle centuries ago as Rome was burning.  Today, it is Obama who fiddles as Iran develops its nuclear weapons; and, tomorrow, it will be Ahmadinejad who is laughing as his enemies are left burning.