Rep. Dan Burton Fights to Help Navy SEALs with Petition

Petitions have begun to circulate around Congress and across America asking that the Pentagon dismiss any charges against the three Navy SEALs who captured Ahmed Hashim Abed. Abed is the mastermind behind the brutal mutilation and murder of four American civilians in Fallujah in 2004 who now claims he got a bloody lip (or was punched in the stomach) while being detained by the SEALs.

“What kind of a signal does this send to every military person in the field if, when they capture a major al-Qaeda terrorist, or anyone, if they say they have a bloody lip, you’re going to court martial them?” said Rep. Dan Burton (R.-Ind.) who was the first to start a petition to help the SEALs.

Click here to sign Burton’s petition and help the SEALs.

Burton told HUMAN EVENTS that Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in a committee meeting that this was part of a military judicial process and that he couldn’t interfere. “That’s baloney,” said Burton.

“I think that if we put as much pressure as possible on the Pentagon the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the president, I’d like to think there will be enough pressure exerted that they will be vindicated and they will get back to their jobs as military personnel defending the country,” said Burton.
Burton believes that this story certainly reflects the current administrations priorities. “I’m confident that Reagan wouldn’t have let this happen, Ronald Reagan was very patriotic and served in WWII. He wasn’t in combat but he saw what military combat went though…to take combat people especially Navy SEALs and military personnel who have risked their lives to capture these people like in this Operation Amber and to try to penalize them or court martial them for capturing a terrorist who did those terrible things… it just makes no sense.”

As HUMAN EVENTS Editor Jed Babbin and columnist Rowan Scarborough have reported according to information from al-Qaeda training manuals captured terrorists are told to claim they have been injured by their detainees. “If you claim that you are tortured or mistreated, that will usually resonate with the hard left in America and around the world and they know it will have an impact,” said Burton.

Until recently, the story of these three Navy SEALs has been under reported and ignored for reports on Tiger Woods’ extramarital affairs and White House party crashers. Burton believes this is because “the Obama administration has an agenda and it does not include defending the American personnel as they should.”

Burton has also been circulating a “dear colleague” congressional letter, co signed by Reps. Rohrabacher (R.-Calif), Calvert (R.-Calif.), McCotter (R,-Mich.) Posey (R.-Fla.), and Diaz-Balart (R.-Fla.) to push for more members of Congress to exert pressure on the administration as well.

“Our military Personnel should never have to go into combat with a lawyer by their side….If this court-martial goes forward it could have a chilling effect upon our Armed Forces and their ability to go after the terrorists,” reads the letter.