Going Rogue is Going Gangbusters

Sarah Palin’s new book, Going Rogue: An American Life, is going gangbusters with copies flying off bookstore shelves.

The former Alaska governor’s autobiography sold close to 500,000 copies since it has been released just over a week ago, according to Book Scan, which compiles a weekly list of industry sales.

The total number of sales is likely much higher, as the Book Scan list is meant to measure sales at traditional book stores such as Borders, Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon. The list does not include sales at such outlets as Walmart or Sam’s Club, according to Maji Ross, president and publisher for Regnery Publishing. Ross estimates that Palin’s book sales are around 700,000 when those other outlets are included.

Besides Palin’s tome, other conservative books are also selling well. Glenn Beck’s Arguing With Idiots has sold 395,000 on the Book Scan list. Bill O’Reillly’s A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity is at 216,000 since its debut earlier this year. Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny has sold 896,000 copies. And Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption is at 197,000 copies sold.

Ross says that the Malkin sales numbers on Book Scan, like Palin’s book, don’t reflect the true number of copies sold, which Ross says is around 250,000.

As to why conservative books are doing so well in the marketplace, Ross says, “Conservatives and Americans are very frustrated with Obama, Pelosi and Reid. They feel government is not listening to them so they are voting with their feet. These books reflect their values and opinions.”