Gingrich: 'You Could See John Boehner as Speaker In 2011'

Just yesterday Rasmussen reported that only 38% of voters support the healthcare bill proposed by the president and Democrats in Congress. That is the lowest level of support for the bill after almost two dozen polls conducted since this summer. Half of the survey had been conducted before the motion to proceed on Obamacare in the Senate on Saturday evening. Rasmussen reported that support for the plan was even lower after the Senate vote passed.

Last week Newt Gingrich, in his newsletter, talked about the startling shift in public opinion as seen in Gallup’s annual poll on health issues (taken every November). A dramatic 22% of Americans have shifted from believing that government is responsible for healthcare to believing that healthcare is a personal responsibility. Gingrich reasoned that this means that one out of every four Americans has changed their mind on healthcare.

“What’s clearly happening from all the data is that the American people are now having a genuine conversation on what they think will work for the real world and the more they think about government the more they are opposed to the government as a deliverers of heathcare,” Gingrich told HUMAN EVENTS.

“I think you are going to find that the same thing is going to happening on jobs and the same thing on education. Ironically the Obama administration may be the beginning of the end of big government as a solution for American people — because they look at the prospect of Obama and Pelosi running their lives they are increasingly saying no. What about when they learn more about the failure of the flu vaccine and its implications for public health?” said Gingrich.

Two polls released this week also find that support for President Obama has fallen below 50% for the first time since he took office and now nearly one in five Americans is out of work of under-employed that’s 17.5%.

Gingrich told HUMAN EVENTS about Vic Snyder, a Democrat representing the 2nd congressional district of Arkansas, who according to the Public Policy’s Polling results is tied with three unknown Republicans. “This is a guy who was safe, he won his last election by 77%.”

“I think this could be one of the great conversations in American history — certainly comparable to Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan in the 1970’s and maybe in even more fundamental ways over the next three years you will see the US decide to adopt a non -government solution that is a profound change from what everyone would have expected three years ago.

What does this mean for Republican’s in 2012?

“What it means right now is if the economy continues to weaken — if the left continues to argue for radical change — you could see John Boehner as speaker in 2011,” said Gingrich.