American Presidents Do Not Bow

George Washington was 6’4” tall. Not only did he have great height, he was a huge man in general. He had extremely broad shoulders, very wide hips, (most likely the cause for his being the preeminent horseman of his age), and a size 13 boot (though boot size in the 18th century was a bit hard to discern, as there were no left and right feet in footwear in late 18th century America).  General Washington possessed immense physical strength and fortitude, as well, with a stature and presence so impressive that it was said about him that he “put European princes to shame.”

Try as I might, I cannot imagine this man bowing — not to an emperor, king or Middle East potentate. Not, in fact, to anyone.

In representing the nation he was pivotal in creating, it would have been unthinkable to George Washington to shame it by appearing in such a servile manner before another national leader.  He was always an elegant and formal man who was ever conscious of his dignity, and equally conscious that what he did as leader of America directly reflected on his nation.  

The unfortunate selection of the present holder of the office George Washington held so brilliantly 220 years ago also understands that what he does reflects on his nation. That is why everything Obama does is either an insult to America and to Americans, or calculated to destroy the nation as created by George Washington and the other founders. The fact that America, as the only experiment that worked, is the only place in the world where a Barack Obama could have been created does not matter to the man; to him America is an evil country that needs to be torn down and rebuilt into an entirely government-controlled entity.  There have been many of these created in the history of the world, all of them unsuccessful societies at best and vicious tyrannies at worst.   

One of the unarguable things said about Obama is that his lack of knowledge of history is stunning.  I think this ignorance is purposeful, as he and those helping him realize his dream of destroying this America care only about ideology; they want nothing to do with fact.  That he can look at Venezuela, look at Cuba, look at Yemen, look at the ‘Palestinian state’, look at Iran, and treat the men who “lead” them as serious world leaders, (those with whom he prefers to consort over our traditional allies), and not treat them like the lunatics they are demonstrates this.  In just one of the hundreds of times Obama has embarrassed America and Americans on the world stage, during the recent protests against the present Iranian government, he gravely referred to the current madman running Iran as “The Supreme Leader” (it is worth noting that Americans, as a freedom-loving people, supported these protests, and Obama, as President of the United States of America, did not). Imagine if the President of the U.S. during World War II in equally sonorous tones made reference to Hitler as “Der Fuhrer?”

The only true transparency of the current administration is the implementation of this radical socialist/communist/tyrannical ideology. Every single domestic and foreign policy move Obama has made since taking office a very long 10 months ago, and the speed with which he is accomplishing his goals, makes this increasingly, and abundantly, clear to Americans, notwithstanding the false platitudes he spouts while destroying America.

This speed may be what saves our nation, because if Obama really wanted to “help” the American people with all these things that he is doing, he would do it according to the rules established in the Constitution, as all the American Presidents have done before him. He and his people are either ignoring or breaking all the rules, the rules so reverently (and at such cost) established by Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, and all the other great men who founded our nation, in their march to achieve the destruction of this America, and his intentions have become obvious to the American people.

Alexis de Tocqueville was a French aristocrat who, in the 19th century, wrote an extraordinary book entitled Democracy in America, in which he describes how he found the America he observed at that time to be a great and inspiring institution. One of his conclusions was that the greatness of America and its ideals could not be destroyed from without, but only from within.  That is exactly what we are seeing President Obama attempting do right now, and he has a lot of help and support from his like-minded ideologues.  They have, for whatever misguided reasons on the part of the electorate, been given a nation to play with, much like Afghanistan was given over to the Taliban, and unless they are stopped and stopped soon, America will never again be what was so special in and to the world.  According to George Washington and the other brilliant men who founded this republic, the people are sovereign in this nation, not the government, nor its leaders. We are alone in all the peoples of the world who understand what real freedom is, its having been inculcated in each and every one of us for our entire history as a nation.

Why should these people be allowed to destroy our great nation?  They should not be, and we need to acquire the strength, stature, courage and resolve of George Washington, as the individuals we still are (not for much longer if Obama has anything to say about it) and as a body, in order to obliterate this threat to our beloved nation and the unique freedoms it used to provide.