Barbecue The Taliban

It all boils down to this simple question:  Do you want to win the war or not?

Barry O, Sen. Kerry and others are frittering the days away while the man that knows — General McChrystal — has stated he needs 40,000 more troops to win the war in Afghanistan.

And he’s also said that if we don’t do this smart, hard and fast we will — within a year — be unable to defeat the Taliban.  

So what did Barry do? Nothing. So far, he’s wasted almost ninety days of that year working hard to feed Fedzilla another one-sixth of our economy in the form of our health care system. Afghanistan?  Nada.  

Though a foreign concept to Democrats, Americans are winners, which I say we fight to win and give our fighting and men and women the personnel, tools, weapons and capabilities to slaughter the Taliban.  Rabid dogs need to die. Let’s do this and get it over with.

The truth of the matter is that even half the awesome power of our military hasn’t been used in this war.  It’s time to do it right, or stop spending young American lives altogether.

Instead of giving McChrystal 40,000 troops as he requested, I say we round up ten times that amount and get 400,000 additional American troops into the fight.  McChrystal should then be ordered to develop a campaign plan to completely wipe out the vermin Taliban in twelve months or less.  The goal is for ninety percent of our military personnel to be home for Christmas, 2010. Seriously.

War is, by definition, misfortune: but there are things that have to be fought for and we should either fight to decisively win wars or we should not put our men and women in harm’s way.  Period. When we commit our forces to the battlefield, our fighting men and women should know that the plan is to wipe out the enemy in the shortest amount of time and that we punish the enemy so severely that they never want to make war again. It’s worked nicely in the past, and will work again. Simple enough.

No limited engagements, no shock and awe, no precision bombing, no political games. Total head removal must be the clear, decisive orders. Peace is only achieved through superior fire power. General Sherman said war is hell.  Let’s prove it.

Make no mistake, America has expended precious lives and treasure in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002. We can debate our political approach and military tactics since then, but the one thing we should all agree on is that we achieve complete and total victory.

I have visited with literally thousands of our brave men and women and their families, including on the front lines of the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I cannot think of one uniformed man or woman who wants to leave the battlefield in defeat.  These warriors want to kill the enemy and win this war.  These young people are my heroes.

We wiped out the Nazi and Japanese war machines in four years.  With the political will and military muscle, surely our military can barbecue a few thousand Taliban in the next year.  Squash them like the human cockroaches that they are.

Let’s get it on instead of wringing our hands and trying to find a political way out of Afghanistan.  That would be a rookie mistake that America can ill afford to make.

Who knows what Barry O and crew want.  It would not surprise me if defeat is part of their agenda.  If we leave Afghanistan now we will have to go back at some time in the future to defeat an even larger and more entrenched enemy, and it will cost more American lives, not less, to do it then than it will to do it now. That’s the wrong approach. It would be irresponsible to kick this can down the road for future generations of Americans to deal with.

The Taliban is not going away until we make them extinct. Failing to defeat them here and now will only cost America even more precious young lives and hundreds of billions more in treasure in the future.  We are there already.  Let’s finish this now.

We must develop a supercharged, turbo-destructo military campaign plan to wipe out the Taliban in twelve months. Total warfare. Roast them in their caves. And then do it all over again.

Let’s crank up the American war machine and achieve victory so that the young people who gave all and the loved ones they leave behind will know that their sons, fathers and brothers did not die in vain.

Tell the Taliban and world this:  We are coming and bringing hell with us.

There is no other choice unless you want America to be defeated. I want total victory. It’s the American way.  But, unless I’m really mistaken, it’s not Obama’s way.