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Top 10 Richest Green Groups

Where the green goes…

Capital Research Center ( compiled this list for HUMAN EVENTS using the annual budget figures from the groups’ most recent publicly available tax returns. A 501c3 group is a general nonprofit and a 501c4 group is an advocacy nonprofit.

1. Nature Conservancy (501c3)
$910.7 million

2. Wildlife Conservation Society (501c3)
$197.4 million

3. World Wildlife Fund (501c3)
$169.5 million

4. Environmental Defense Fund (501c3)
$122.8 million

5. Natural Resources Defense Council (501c3)
$108 million

6. National Audubon Society (501c3)
$92.7 million

7. National Wildlife Federation (501c3)
$90.1 million

8. Sierra Club (501c4)
$81.8 million

9. Sierra Club Foundation (501c3)
$29.9 million

10. Greenpeace Inc. (501c3)
$26.3 million

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