Inside the Gun Locker

Inside the Gun Locker this week is with Puma Rifles and a custom edition .44 magnum designed to support for the Wounded Warrior Project. Today is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps and tomorrow is Veterans Day so we are featuring a gun that honors our troops.

We are a free people because of men and women that are willing to serve in the United States Armed Forces. There is no greater sacrifice than to put your well being aside for the defense of liberty. To give your flesh and blood for the cause of freedom or the defense of country is the price a brave few pay for an entire nation. Let’s never forget that freedom is ours because of people with guts and gunpowder.

This rifle is a custom engraved .44 Remington Magnum model 92 by Puma Rifles. Only 500 will be made so it is a collector’s piece. However these rifles are built to take the rigors of the field or cowboy competition — so they will shoot straight and hit hard. Whether you decide to purchase because you are a collector, a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project or want to shoot something special you are getting a rare firearm that is dedicated to an outstanding cause.

The specs: Lever Action, .44 Remington Magnum, Stainless Steel with Walnut Stock, 20” Barrel, 10+1 Capacity, 7.5 lbs. This rifle was built by Rossi and imported by Legacy Sports International of Reno, Nevada. Historical Armory did the wood engraving and laser etching with the Wounded Warrior Project Logo and American Flag on the receiver.

Gene Lumsden, the President / CEO for Legacy Sports International ( is the man behind the gun. “We have been working with the Wounded Warrior Project for over a year now and actually have a wounded warrior working for us. This rifle not only pays respect to the very worthy Wounded Warrior Project through it’s embellishments it actually generates funds as well. For every Rifle that is sold $50.00 will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project” Gene proudly told me.

If you are interested in purchasing this custom .44 magnum you can email  If we have enough interest we will negotiate the best price for you.