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The Media Will Downplay His Religion, But God Help Us if His Car Had a Talk Radio Station On...


RedState Morning Briefing

The Media Will Downplay His Religion, But God Help Us if His Car Had a Talk Radio Station On…

RedState Morning Briefing
For November 6, 2009

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1. Where We Stand on Health Care

Go here to contact your Congressman. Tell ’em all to vote no. Here’s where we stand as the sun rises this morning. Democrats are still short votes by double digits. Four Democrats from Virginia are "No" votes because of Tuesday night’s elections. The American Medical Association is in deep trouble. The AMA endorsed the House bill. The state societies claim that they have the votes to win a resolution at the AMA conference, which begins tomorrow, forcing the AMA to rescind its endorsement if it doesn’t do so before the AMA meets. Blue Dogs had dinner at the White House last night. We’ll see how many flip to Obama’s side. And we’ll keep track of them. Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. The Media Will Downplay His Religion, But God Help Us if His Car Had a Talk Radio Station On

As the sun set last night, tragedy came to Ft. Hood. A muslim soldier began shooting other soldiers. What we know so far is that the soldier was a muslim and began yelling at his fellow soldiers statements in Arabic. The soldier was upset about having to deploy to Iraq. The military is saying this could have been a criminal incident as opposed to a terrorist incident. Much is unknown. What is known is that the media will more likely than not seek to downplay the soldier’s religious convictions since he was not a Christian, but, should they find a Glenn Beck book or find out he watched Fox News or listened to Rush Limbaugh they will blow that through the roof. What is also known is the media will focus on post traumatic stress disorder and seek to blame the incident on “George Bush’s war” and the stress of potentially multiple deployments. Yes, the anti-war media narrative has gotten that predictable. Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Charlie Crist Is Scared and Lying

Charlie Crist welcomed Barack Obama to Florida last February, hugged him, grinned when Obama called Crist “his favorite Republican,” and then explained why the Democrats’ stimulus was a good thing. That was February. Yesterday, Charlie Crist denied it ever happened. Despite the videotaped evidence, Charlie Crist says he never once supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the formal name of the stimulus. This all comes as news to the President, who hugged Crist, and who got this letter from Crist back on Februar 3, 2009. Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Another Anonymous Internet Attack Out of the Florida GOP’s Offices

One anonymous internet attack out of the offices of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) against the Rubio team is a bit much. But two? There has been another one. Last time, Rich Heffley, one of Charlie Crist’s top guys and on the payroll of the RPOF, orchestrated an entire attack against Marco Rubio online, trying to be anonymous, that came complete with a Hitler video attacking Charlie Crist so, you know, they could say Rubio was behind the Hitler attack. This time, Republican Party field operations director Tim Nungesser created a Twitter account posing as Brevard County GOP Chairman Jason Steele. Nungesser then sent out a bunch of tweets making Steele, a recovering alcoholic, look like he was drinking again, harassing others, etc. Why?

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