'John Gizzi Is a Phenomenon'

Politicians and colleagues offer tributes to John Gizzi in honor of his 30 years at HUMAN EVENTS.

“John Gizzi has been one of the most influential reporters for the conservative movement over the past 30 years. From the time I first came to Congress, John was busy researching scandals, developing stories and covering the fights that defined conservatism for our time.”
~ Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House.

“John is a great guy, and a tireless reporter whose ear is always to the ground. He sees, hears, and knows about everything. Washington wouldn’t be the same without John Gizzi — I’m glad he’s there.”
~ Ari Fleischer, press secretary for President George W. Bush.

“John is a fountain of information, a consummate professional, and someone who knows Washington inside and out. I remember when he got to interview President Bush at the end of his term. Despite all John had experienced, he still was deeply moved by the awesomeness of the Oval Office and his enthusiasm was contagious. I think of him fondly and I’m honored to have worked with him and to call him a friend.”
~ Dana Perino, press secretary for President George W. Bush.

“I’ve always marveled at John’s cheerful optimism and his appreciation of the strengths of America which, together with his zest for the details of district-by-district detail, have made him one of the go-to guys for the latest in American politics. Long may he continue!"
~ Michael Barone, senior political analyst for the Washington Examiner, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

“Nobody can deny Mr. John Gizzi has a sharp sense on each issue as one of the best columnists in this great nation. In my service at the Washington bureau of a Japanese daily newspaper, John is my best friend, and also my teacher to understand American politics, history, and culture, etc. His understanding of Japanese political history is deep enough to make me surprised. On supporting a strong U.S.-Japan alliance, I do not hesitate to say that John and I are comrades. I wish John Gizzi will have another occasion to celebrate 40th, 50th year with HUMAN EVENTS.”
~ Hideya Yamamoto, Washington bureau chief for Sankei Shimbun.

“John Gizzi is a knowledgeable political historian for the conservative movement and a great guy. He is a joy to talk to, because every time I have a conversation with John, I learn something new. Many times he shares an obscure fact concerning a local mayoral race or a state legislative battle in a distant land. He’s the go-to guy when anybody has a question about the conservative credentials of an up-and-coming star running for the House or Senate. The conservative movement and HUMAN EVENTS are lucky to have John, and I am happy to call him a friend.”
~ Brian Darling, director of Senate Relations, the Heritage Foundation.

“John Gizzi is a phenomenon, as all who have ever met him can attest. He has parked more interesting nuggets about politics into his grey matter than almost anyone else I’ve ever met — and it shows in the prodigious amount of work that he does for HE every hour of every day and the talks and radio and TV interviews that he gives around the country. If you wish to discover something about the history of any congressional district or some obscure but pertinent fact about a candidate, Gizzi’s your man. And he can normally tell you about such things off the top of his head. Currently, he’s carving out a terrific niche for himself at the White House press briefings. He has also grown wiser with age. It has been a pleasure to have been his editor over the years and, I truly believe, his best days are still ahead of him.”
~ Allan H. Ryskind, HUMAN EVENTS editor-at-large.

“John brings passion and depth to his reporting. The rest of us would occasionally be yawning over a few of the more obscure topics that pop up in the White House press room. Not John. He brings the enthusiasm of a cub reporter to every story he covers. He is also a true and gracious gentleman. Great guy!”
~ Martha Raddatz, ABC News correspondent.

“From his warm smile to his booming voice, when John Gizzi is not getting in trouble with the White House press secretary for leaving his cell phone on during a briefing, John is ‘working the story.’ His perceptive questions often lead to an angle that nobody has thought of, resulting in a sharp, thought-provoking article. John has a lot of friends in the White House press corps, simply because he’s such a nice guy. He’s earned the respect of others because of his skills as a journalist and his engaging personality.”
~ Steve Scully, C-SPAN correspondent and past president of the White House Correspondents Association

“John Gizzi is a legendary political reporter who has been a ‘must read’ for conservatives for 30 years. Known by many as a walking political almanac, John Gizzi has introduced American conservatives to the rising generation of political leaders and has never failed to note the passing of giants who have left our midst. It has truly been an honor to work with John during my 20 years as a candidate, a commentator and an office holder. His integrity, professionalism and good cheer have set the standard for conservative journalism from the White House to the Capitol. Congratulations to John Gizzi on reaching 30 years of service to America at HUMAN EVENTS.”
~ Rep. Mike Pence, (R.-Ind.).

“New in Washington, I discovered John Gizzi at a White House briefing and was amazed by his French political passion. He knows better than a lot of French, our French political life. He knows perfectly the life of our finance minister in 1958, why Segolene Royal lost the presidential election, who was her main strategist at the time, who has a future in the Ecology Party, how our French president is trying to reform our country and who are the congressmen against and for him on a specific law! I rarely meet a journalist in the United States who knows so much and so well all details about our French political life. He and his wife are real Francophiles and I also love the way he does his handwritten thank-you note on paper. It’s the real savoir vivre!”
~ Laura Haim, Canal 24 (French TV) White House correspondent.

“Congratulations to John Gizzi on 30 years at HUMAN EVENTS — he’s lasted a long longer than most of the people he’s covered!”
~ Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor.

“John Gizzi is an institution in the conservative movement, and in Washington journalism. For 30 years, he has asked the tough questions, based on thorough reporting and a sense of justice and decency. He is always willing to put his shoulder to the wheel for the American people, and those of us fighting for common-sense reform.”
~ Rep. John Boehner, House Republican leader.

“John is a force of nature. He has a steel-trap mind for detail on political races and history, and his ability to keep up with old contacts and make new ones is inspiring. What is he up to now, 38 Rolodexes? But most important, John is a gentleman, a perpetually cheerful face in a sometimes gruff town, and generous to a fault. John is an absolute prince of a guy”
~ Linda Feldmann, White House correspondent and political reporter for the Christian Science Monitor.

“John Gizzi is the institutional memory of the conservative movement. After decades as a reporter and commentator, John has seen it all. But he has never lost his idealism and passion for the great American values — personal freedom, fiscal responsibility, limited government. John Gizzi is a great role-model for journalists and political activists.”
~ William L. Armstrong, former Colorado senator.

“John Gizzi is a class act. It is difficult to think of a more knowledgeable Washington political journalist. And while he is direct in his questioning, he is always courteous and respectful. It is an approach that is too often missing among many of today’s journalists, yet one that is extremely effective for eliciting news and information that really matters.”
~ Scott McClellan, Press Secretary for President George W. Bush.

“I grew up as a young, active conservative. It was normal for me to volunteer for campaigns and attend state party conventions until I realized my friends at school knew nothing of the world of politics. It wasn’t until high school that I found a group of young Republicans who had the same interests and after-school activities as me. During this time, I met Mr. John Gizzi, well-known writer for HUMAN EVENTS. For someone who rubs elbows with powerful electeds and knows the latest happenings in local and national politics, I was surprised to find him interested in a small, but passionate group of Teen-Age Republicans. For the following years, we continued to stay in touch, and I began to look up to him as a mentor and an inspiration. In these times, it is difficult to proudly define yourself as a conservative Republican. However, when I was elected chair of California College Republicans last year, I realized that conservatism is more than just politics. It is a lifestyle. And it was Mr. Gizzi’s guidance and insightful commentary that helped me realize that maintaining my core beliefs and values is worth the fight. Congratulations for your 30 years with HUMAN EVENTS, Mr. Gizzi. I can’t wait to see what you write next.”
~ Cheyenne Steel, aide to Rep. Joseph Cao (R.-La.).

“John is a force of nature! He is a man of big intellect and character, and unstoppable enthusiasm for all things political. As a television correspondent and anchor I can be totally confident with John Gizzi in the studio guest chair. My fondest memory is of John and me sustaining 20 minutes of the Michigan primary coverage last year. BBC World News loved him so much that the minute we were handed back to London, the director was in my ear asking for more Gizzi next hour!”
~ Philippa Thomas, BBC TV correspondent and presenter.

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