Light 'em Up, Fox News

Our student body president never talks about the books he read as a youth.  But I’m betting that before he became an accomplished community organizer, he read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, because he follows those rules more often than not.

Obama loves the media as long as it loves him, and not a New York minute longer. And against those voices in the media who take him on he employs Alinsky’s rules: isolate marginalize, and render the adversary ineffective for starters.
The first target of Barry O’s administration was radio juggernaut Rush Limbaugh.  The Big O administration tried to isolate and marginalize him by claiming Rush was the leader of the Republican Party and making him responsible for all its faults and foibles.  That Alinsky strategy struck a media iceberg and sank into oblivion.  Rush is more popular than ever for all the right reasons.

Their second target is now Fox News, which Barry O’s administration claims is a mouthpiece for the Republican Party and, as such, has imposed a White House blockade against Fox News in hopes of damaging the fair and balanced network.
Bad move.

Even some liberal commentators believe this Alinsky battle plan is the wrong approach and have encouraged the O Administration to change course since Fox News garners more ratings than all other cable news channels combined. For good reason.

In typical liberal fashion, the facts, however interesting, are irrelevant to denial driven liberal airheads.  Fact checking is anathema to the O Administration.  Attempting to silence Fox News will only cause this media powerhouse to dig deeper into the Chicago-style, silence at all cost, O Administration.

Interestingly, while the O Administration attempts to silence all opposition to their radical “post-American” policies, White House Communication Director Dunn told a group of high school students that one of the world’s leading mass murderers, Chinese butcher Mao Tse Tung, is one of her favorite philosophers and one of the two people she “most turns to.”

Notice she didn’t list President Lincoln, Washington or Jefferson as one of her favorite philosophers, but instead holds the butcher Mao in high esteem as a great philosopher.  Does our White House Communication Director even know or care that Mao was one of the world’s leading mass murderers?
I smell a Van Jones maneuver coming soon.
We are indeed living in strange times with even stranger people running our government. The inmates are running the asylum.  I’m afraid to report that 1984 is no longer a movie.  Don’t know about you, but I’m not planning to star in the sequel to Soylent Green.

We have fools on both sides of the political aisle who believe man-made carbon is smothering the planet instead of placing the blame on both the warming and cooling of the planet on the true culprit — the sun.  What seventh grade science student does not know this?

Still others believe we can tax and spend our way to prosperity, even though people with a fundamental grasp of balancing their personal checkbook understand that spending more than you take in is a lesson in kamikaze economics.

Even though Fedzilla has bankrupted — bankrupted — Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the O Administration wants to place your health care under the care of Fedzilla.  Only a fool would endorse the very system that has ruined every thing it has placed its greedy, power-hungry, unaccountable bureaucratic fingers on.

O Administration officials such as Attorney Holder recently raced to Chicago to condemn the city’s escalating youth violence. Holder, an arguably closet racist, failed to condemn the parent(s) for their lack of control over their children. (It’s called parenting)  Instead, he promised more federal dollars. That’s the ticket — more of your tax dollars to combat youth violence.  As if that is going to solve anything.

Instead of challenging Fox News and encouraging it to uncover more ACORN-style corruption in America, the O Administration wants to silence Fox News for doing its job of keeping a watchful eye on the bumbling bureaucrats that run our country.  Attempting to silence Fox News sounds like something Central American thug Hugo Chavez of Venezuela would do.

And now we have an O administration official claiming a mass murderer is one of her two favorite philosophers. Great.  I recommend this dunce contact Charlie Manson in the event that commie, mass murderer Mao ceases to inspire this dimwit in the future.

My admonition to Fox News is to simply continue to do its job and be the fourth arm of our government.  As more Americans wake up to the shakedown tactics and bizzarro beliefs of the O Administration, the ratings of Fox News will continue to soar on the wings of objectivity and facts.

The O Administration is either not very smart or has a very different view of America than ordinary Americans hold.  The question is:  which one is it?