Rush Limbaugh Bad, Fergie and J-Lo 'Cool NFL Owners'

In an era of seemingly endless hypocrisy, the outrage over conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh’s bid to become a part owner of the St. Louis Rams has to be one of the finest examples of runaway double-standard lunacy in recent memory.

Take for example the respective positions of the heads of the National Football League and its Players Union.

Last Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters: “I think divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about. I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position within the NFL.”

This came just days after NFLPU chief DeMaurice Smith wrote members of his executive committee: “[S]port in America is at its best when it unifies, gives all of us reason to cheer, and when it transcends. Our sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred.”

Noble words indeed, but apparently they don’t apply to everybody looking to buy a professional football team.

In fact, if these folks were really concerned about the behavior of their owners away from the field, maybe they should take a closer look at the Miami Dolphins.

As Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood reported last Friday, pop artists Fergie and Jennifer Lopez, who both have minority interests in the NFL franchise in Southern Florida, are hardly model citizens.

Despite being labeled as “Cool NFL Owners” in a Kansas City Star piece Wednesday — coincidentally the same day Limbaugh was thrown out of his prospective ownership group — Fergie and J-Lo have some incidents in their respective pasts that are far worse than anything Limbaugh was falsely accused of saying.

These are the opening lyrics from a J-Lo song performed with rapper Ja Rule a few years ago:

What’s my motherf**kin’ name? R-U-L-E
Blowin’ back on this Mary Jane, I’m analyzin’ the game
And the game done chose me
To bring pain to p***y n*****s and p***y hoes, it’s one in the same

This is the kind of trash J-Lo co-authored and appeared in, but Rush Limbaugh is too divisive for the NFL.

Go figure.

As for Fergie, a 2003 piece she did with the Black Eyed Peas said the Central Intelligence Agency are “terrorists here livin’ in the USA.”  

Lest we not forget those unifying lyrics from her song “My Humps”:

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
All that junk inside your trunk
I’ma get get get get you drunk
Get you love drunk off my hump

This from a woman who a few years ago got so drunk before a concert that she ended up wetting herself on stage in front of a live audience.

Yet the KC Star’s Lisa Gutierrez gushed last Wednesday, “Now that’s the kind of celebrity who brings glitz and glamour to the NFL.”

Yeah, I guess the NFL doesn’t mind its owners urinating in public, nor them cursing out and threatening tennis officials.

Or didn’t you know that tennis star Serena Williams, who during this year’s U.S. Open shouted at a linesman, “If I could, I would take this f**king ball and shove it down your f**king throat,” was also a part owner of the Dolphins?

I guess that’s also acceptable to the NFL, as is a liberal MSNBC commentator hosting “Sunday Night Football.”

After all, even National Public Radio’s Juan Williams, certainly no friend of Rush Limbaugh’s, sees the obvious hypocrisy in the NFL protesting a conservative talker having a minority interest in a team when Keith Olbermann once a week is allowed to participate in high-profile broadcasts of featured games during prime time.

Well, I guess a premier sports organization has to have its standards.