Rush-ing the NFL

Nothing is more satisfying to me than to watch idiots drop verbal hand grenades into their own foxholes. They have yet to learn that when in a hole, it is best to quit digging.

Such is the case for Mr. DeMaurice Smith, the National Football League Players executive director. Mr. Smith is black.

Mr. Smith opposes radio tycoon Rush Limbaugh being a limited owner of the St. Louis Rams. Smith claims to believe that Rush is a racist because of what he believes Rush has said or implied. That’s because Smith, like Al-not-so Sharpton, are useful fools being played by the largest racist organization in America — the Democratic Party.

I’ve listened to Rush for years. Never heard him say one racist thing, only fundamental truisms that transcend the color of one’s skin, ethnicity or heritage.

One of Rush’s glowing maxims that he returns to repeatedly is that he wants all people to reach their potential by using their God-given talents and skills. He believes, and so do I, that one of the key ways this can be achieved is to get the heavy, bureaucratic jackboot of Fedzilla off of the throats of We the People.

Indeed, racially hyper-sensitive stooges such as Mr. Smith, Sharpton and the master shakedown artist himself, Jesse Jackson, only hear what they believe reinforces their theories of oppression. If Rush lampoons Barry O, ergo he must be racist. If Rush mentions anything regarding the black community, their ultra sensitive racist radars are on full alert. They hear racism where there is none. They simply invent it.

If the NFL truly cares about combating "discrimination and hatred" as Mr. Smith wrote in eluding to Rush, I suggest the NFL ban Democrats, especially elected officials and race hucksters such as Sharpton and Jackson, from attending NFL games.

It is no secret the Democratic Party, primarily rich white liberals, have systematically destroyed the black community, black families and black individuals over the past 50 years while at the same time convincing blacks that their economic, social and cultural kamikaze swan dive into an empty pool is the result of conservatives like Rush and the
Republican Party. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The destruction of black America is the result of too much government meddling in their lives. The Democratic Party has sadly convinced far too many blacks that they cannot succeed on their own merit and skills, that they require government assistance. The KKK idiots could not, in their wildest racist imaginations, have dreamed up such a racist, destructive platform as the Democratic Party has done for the past 50 years.

Rush is opposed and despised by the racist Democratic Party because he shines a light on their socialist doublespeak methods, wrongheaded ideologies and anti-freedom platforms. His beacon of truth is lost on those who have been conned and duped by Democratic Party mobsters who care more about elections than liberating people.

Rush Limbaugh is an emancipator. I could not be more convinced that if he were still alive, Martin Luther King, Jr. would be a big fan of Rush’s powerful message of rugged individualism and independence. But Rush’s freedom message is lost on those who have been trained to genuflect at the altar of Fedzilla, who entraps and enslaves them into a life of despair and soulless dependency.

I have never watched an NFL game in my life, never seen a Superbowl, though I have fired up a few games by igniting the Star Spangled Banner with my guitar. I do know, however, that the NFL is a business that requires keen business and marketing minds to keep it profitable and desirable to its fans. With his love and passion for football and his
marketing genius, Rush Limbaugh is exactly what the NFL needs.

More importantly, Rush’s loud and proud message of freedom, independence and self-reliance is exactly what America, particularly black America, needs to embrace if they want to truly work to fulfill the dream of Dr. King and see the promised land.