Top 10 Political Sex Scandals

1. President Bill Clinton  
Impeached for his lies under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.  

2. John Edwards
Cheated on cancer-stricken wife and fathered illegitimate child, all while running for President.  
3. Wilbur Mills
Powerful Ways and Means Committee chairman (D.-Ark.) undone by his relationship with Argentinian stripper Fanne Foxe.  

4. Elliot Spitzer

Stepped down as New York governor after cavorting with a prostitute at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington.  

5. Nelson Rockefeller
Died of a heart attack while in bed with his girlfriend.  

6. Gary Hart
The Colorado senator’s presidential ambitions were sunk by antics on the Monkey Business. 

7. Barney Frank
Massachusetts congressman’s live-in lover was male prostitute turning tricks in Franks’ Capitol Hill apartment.  

8. Gerry Studds
Despite his affair with an underage male congressional page, he was re-reelected to his Massachusetts House seat six more times.

9. Gary Condit
The California congressman’s affair with Chandra Levy became part of the investigation of her murder.  

10. Wayne Hays
13-term Ohio Democratic congressman and chairman of the House Administration Committee hired his mistress Elizabeth Ray to work in his congressional office despite her admission that “I can’t type, I can’t file, I can’t even answer the phone.”


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