Sheriff Joe and the Chinese Illegals

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, is a tough, no nonsense Old West lawman. For that, Obama and Congress want to shut Sheriff Joe down.

Sheriff Joe’s "offense"?  His deputies arrest illegal immigrant law breakers because the illegals have become a local law enforcement nightmare.  Over 33% of the inmates in the Maricopa County jail are illegal.  More than 53% of violent crimes committed in Maricopa County are committed by illegals.  

Maricopa’s biggest city, Phoenix, bears the sad title of "Kidnapping Capitol of the U.S."  In fact, Phoenix is second only to Mexico City in kidnappings in the Western hemisphere.  Almost all of these kidnappings are drug related and perpetrated by Mexican drug gangs.

The liberal Mayor of Phoenix blames Sheriff Joe for cracking down on the illegals.  He’s complained to the Justice Department and now Congressional Liberals are howling for Sheriff Joe’s hide, accusing him of "discrimination" and of being a "racist".  Hearings have been held; heads will roll; law enforcement is the problem, not the illegals.

Now Sheriff Joe is really in trouble. To get why, you need to know the back story.

Time was, the border with Mexico was peaceful and pretty simple to understand.

In the 1950’s, American farmers needed seasonal workers; Mexicans needed money.  The legal way to accomplish the obvious was called the “Bracero” program–temporary legal status for seasonal workers.

Then in the 1960’s came unions, specifically Cesar Chavez and the United Farmworkers Union.

Things got complicated.  Seasonal workers resisted unionization, so the union went after the bracero program and got it repealed. Now all the seasonal workers were "illegal aliens" and Chavez went after them, urging the U.S. government to protect the border and thereby protect the jobs of legal farmworkers.

But both political parties benefited from the "illegal" status of these workers.  Corporate donors to Republicans benefited from cheaper labor which held down the pay for a lot of legal workers as well.  Democrats salivated at the prospect of millions of new immigrants whose votes could be bought with welfare programs and, for example, turn red state California both Dodger blue and Democrat blue.

So the bi-partisan bargain was struck.  The border stayed open to illegals; employers got cheaper labor; and the Democrats got new voters.

If public outrage got too bad, as it did in 1986, Congress would vote an amnesty to make the illegals legal.

Then things got out of hand.  2.5 million illegals in 1986 became 12-20 million in 2007.  The National Council of La Raza, M.E.C.H.A., and other radical, leftist groups preaching a "Reconquista" of the American Southwest became the face and voice of the illegals.  Many Immigrants no longer assimilated as Americans first.  Multiculturalism ruled the public schools.  Activists demanded education in their own language.  

Gangs based on immigrant communities grew bolder and prisons became filled with the "Mexican Mafia" and "MS-13".  The blight spread from the Southwest to every corner of America.  Americans were scared and angry and got even more so when their objections were called "racist".

Recently, Sheriff Joe showed how open the Border is by blowing the whistle on the arrest of four Chinese nationals (with Cuban currency in their pockets) caught trying to sneak across the Border.

Quietly, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol admitted that 261 Chinese (who paid smugglers up to $70,000 each) have been apprehended just this year trying to illegally cross the border. How many Chinese illegals avoided detection ?  They will not guess.

Now the Department of Homeland Security is after Sheriff Joe. He’s touched the "third rail" of Border Politics–the OTM. The "Other Than Mexicans" Border Patrol Category that describes hundreds of illegals nabbed at the Border from countries like Syria, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and dozens of other nations.  And now the Chinese.

With President Obama denying the Dalai Lama an audience to placate the Chinese before his meeting with Chinese President Hu, Sheriff Joe’s whistle blowing just threw a political hand grenade into Obama’s Beta-male M.O.

So, the campaign against Sheriff Joe has heated up. DHS wants Sheriff Joe to agree to stop arresting illegals just because they’re illegal.  If he doesn’t agree, DHS has publicly threatened to cut off 237 (g) funding to his Department.

This funding is used by 62 local law enforcement agencies to train officers to identify and apprehend illegals. Over a third of all the apprehensions of illegals by all 62 departments were done by Sheriff Joe’s deputies.  That, apparently, is what the DHS wants to stop.

Yesterday, they did it.  Sheriff Arpaio was stripped of his 237 (g) funding.  He says it won’t slow him down, and that he’ll continue to enforce local, state and federal law.

Sheriff Joe is a national treasure.  His fight is our fight.  

And just where do Chinese illegals get $70,000 they pay the smugglers to break into our country?


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