Spare The Rod, Destroy America

The total lack of respect among some of the young punks roaming the streets of America is absolutely appalling. They have no respect for their teachers, parents, law enforcement, neighbors, America, the rule of law, any authority or themselves. Some punks have no respect for your life or their own pathetic lives, and that makes them extremely dangerous.
Rarely does a week go by that I don’t read an article or hear of a teacher being attacked by one of these vicious punks in our schools. As I write this from moose camp in the Yukon Territory, this past week a teacher was stabbed to death in Tyler, Texas.
A quick search of the internet reveals some very disturbing statistics regarding serious assaults on teachers by violent punks. Because these future convicts are subject to the pathetic and counterproductive so called "juvenile justice system", their punishment rarely fits their very serious crimes, including murder, rape, first degree assault and more.
Three critical things need to happen to protect our teachers and society from these future adult offenders.
First, teachers should have the right to be armed. In the event they are violently attacked by a violent punk, teachers should have the right and obligation to fill the punks with hot lead. Just because of their profession, teachers should not be forced into unarmed helplessness. No teacher should be forced to become a victim because of left-wing blowhards who have made discipline and order extinct in our public schools over the past 30 years. Liberal policies create victims.
Secondly, we should do away with the mandatory age of sixteen before a punk can quit school. If a parent is too dumb, stoned or both to care about ensuring their offspring get an education, then our public schools should not have to tolerate the teenage menaces in school. I wouldn’t let them drop out of school. I would drop kick them out of school.
Most of these punks will either end up dead or be sent to prison anyway. The others will end up drunks, crackheads and baby makers. This is the truth and everyone knows it.
The juvenile justice system is abysmal. A New York City judge once said that the purpose of the juvenile justice system was to give liberal thinking people a job. Beautiful. This so-called "justice" system is a coddling, excuse-making system that turns violent juvenile punks into violent adult punks. If this is a justice system, I’m a yodeler in a goat band.
Thirdly, Nuge justice says that if a young punk commits a violent crime, we give them serious time. Get them permanently off our streets and put them in cages where they belong. They can spend decades stamping out license plates and turning big rocks into small rocks for all I care.
Everyone knows this is the right approach to solving the problem. There isn’t a violent offender in prison that did not have an arrest record a mile long when he was a juvenile. The "system" and everyone else knows that young, violent punks are going to turn into hard core, violent, adult offenders. The only people who refuse to believe this are busy renting Michael Moore movies and smoking dope, crack and sniffing lead paint chips.
The sad part of this pathetic equation is that hard working families are going to be ripped apart when one of their loved ones becomes another victim of one of these violent punks. Our criminal justice system and its engineered revolving door of recidivism has been created to guarantee victims. This is tragically unnecessary, but as you are reading these words, another law-abiding citizen has become a victim, or a paroled punk has been put on probation again. Another family will be emotionally crushed because our so-called justice system cares more about thugs and punks than law-abiding citizens.
My solutions will work. Innocent lives will be spared and our class rooms and communities will be a safer place to live, learn, work and play. Who could not possibly want this besides out-of-touch liberals who will propose more tax dollars be thrown at the problem, more bureaucratic meddling, more teacher pay, more teacher unions, more coddling, more excuse making, more victims?
I want carjackers, rapists and murderers cut in half at the scene of the crime regardless of their age. Dialing 911 should be used to call in a clean up crew to hose the remnants of the perpetrators down the sewer. Do you want to solve the problem or continue to jack around while more innocent lives are ruined?
Liberalism is a public cancer, and the sooner it is halted and their upside down policies are made extinct, the sooner society can go about the business of building a better, more vibrant, and safer America that provides unlimited opportunity for those who want to celebrate it. Those who want to violently deny someone their opportunity to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be made extinct.