America Needs a Climate Change Revolt

When President Obama and the Democrats tried to take over health care, millions of American citizens went to town hall meetings to protest. Now the Democrats are working to take over the energy segment of the economy. Citizens should be screaming bloody murder.

We’ve got until December — when world leaders meet in Copenhagen to hammer out a global warming agreement — to pound it into the thick heads of our elected officials that we want no part of it. It’s fine to be for clean air and clean water. But we are heading toward a new world order on climate change — and that’s NOT fine.

Climate change legislation and international agreements are not about the environment; they are about spreading the wealth around among nations — and about increasing the size and scope of government.  Simply put, global warming will do for the United States as a country what nationalized health care will do for your family.  Health care legislation is about making people equal.  Climate change laws are about making nations equal.

In order to implement all this equality (also known as “social justice”), it takes a crisis.  Just this week, U. S. Rep. Alan Grayson, a Democrat from Florida, went on the House floor to say the Republican plan for health care is for people to “die quickly.” He charged that 45,000 people perish each year for lack of health insurance.  He even called the situation a “holocaust.”  The Democrats seem to think if they can scare the dickens out of people, they can pass their agenda.

It’s even worse on the climate change front.  Al Gore has been the point man for years, warning us about all kinds of inconvenient truths that are going to kill us.  President Obama has taken over as the alarmist-in chief.  At the U.N. climate change summit, he warned us that the threat is “serious” and “urgent” and nations must act “boldly and swiftly” because “time is running out” and we risk “irreversible catastrophe.”


Let me state this as plainly as possible:  Global warming is a hoax designed to provide a crisis that will lead to a spreading-of-the-wealth among nations.  Here at home, it will greatly increase the power of the government and Central Planning.  If the government wants your thermostat set at 72 degrees, then that it what it shall be.  If the government says get rid of your SUV — you’ll have to find a used Yugo somewhere.  It will be government’s choice and not yours.

Yet Gore’s “inconvenient truth” of global warming has become so politically correct that corporations are resigning from the U. S. Chamber of Commerce because the Chamber isn’t buying what the alarmists are selling.  Nor should it.

There hasn’t been any significant global warming since 1998 when, according to the New York Times, it reached a “plateau.” Even climate change enthusiasts know it’s true, and they are revising their argument accordingly.  Either the fact that the planet is cooler is now used as EVIDENCE of global warming, or those who deny it just aren’t sophisticated enough to understand.  You know — that cooler temperatures mean the planet will be warming up soon.  Any time now. 

In fact we have to hurry or the planet will burn up! Sens. Kerry and Boxer have written a bill that’s even tougher than the one in the House — but don’t call it “Cap and Trade” — Sen. Kerry says he doesn’t know what that means. Kerry calls it “pollution” legislation.

You could call it a lot of other thing, too. A farce. A scam. A hoax. It’s all of those things — and it’s dangerous to our way of life. Let’s have some town hall meetings!  Let’s march on the Capitol if we have to!  Because as bad an idea as national health care may be, climate change legislation is worse.